Summer Staples

Ah, summertime. Two months of chilling, partying, working, and hanging out with friends. Since I've really had nothing to do yet, I've planned out all of my summer basics, or staples as some people say. So far, I've gotten a pretty darn good list.


All six scarves are from my mother's closet, and I'm almost completely sure I love them more than she does. Haha. Surely they'll be a little warm especially with this heat wave, but I can't get enough! They accessorize all my plainer outfits perfectly, and I adore all of the colors and patterns. I'll be wearing them all through the summer, and every other season.

Denim Shorts:

I LOVE denim shorts, and I'd wear them year-round if I could. They're like jeans but better, since they show off my legs, and keep me cool on hot days. I cut the first two pairs from jeans that I didn't wear much, and I recently bought the third from Target.


Both of these vests are from my grandmother, and I love them to death. She wore them frequently in the eighties and nineties and as a matter of fact, I have pictures of her wearing them when I was a baby. Her style's changed a lot, and she's become a little bit more "glam" in her clothing choices, so she handed them down to me.

Even though I can't really wear them (I wear glasses); I love sunglasses. The two aviator pairs are from my grandfather, he has a great sense of style too, and I'd really love to steal a pair of the glasses he has. The pair in the center are from Forever 21. I love the sunglasses there, and the "geek" glasses that they sell too. I'm considering getting a pair when I buy contacts this summer.

Pendant Necklaces and Bracelets:

If you regularly read my blog, then I'm sure you've seen my black elephant necklace as I wear it almost every single day. Partially because I love elephants, and also because I can't ever find my heart necklace. The heart necklace is another hand me down from my grandmother. I wore it a lot in the beginning of the school year, and I found it this morning soon after I got the idea for this post.

I'm not much of a bracelet-wearer, but I love all of these. One of my good friends bought me the Stop Global Warming Bracelet when she went on a trip to Canada, and I have yet to pay her back for it. I'm pretty sure that the bracelets can be found online though. The maroon bracelet is similar to those Livestrong bracelets, but it reads Argonauts, my school's mascot. All of the colored bangles are from my grandmother. I've never really liked bangles because I could only find them in silver and gold. I love all of the colors though, and they have glitter on them! How cool is that?

So those are all of my summer staples, and you'll be sure to see them in future outfit posts. Until next time!



mary said...

Ooo liking a couple of guys are we? PLAYA PLAYAAA :)
Hahah thats whats fun though, enjoy it while you're young, seriously.

I love the pictures, especially the scarves... and I am not so secretly in love with that elephant pendant!

Nay'Chelle said...

Great staples. You have quite a scarf collection! I don't think I ever wear them.

carefree said...

the scarves are amazing. you're mother and grandmother must've had amazing style.

Anonymous said...

I love it all, and those scarfs are gorgeous. AH! you grandmother and grandfather have cool things.

RetroB said...

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Tavi said...

Haha, nice staples! Those scarves are great, the prints are very fun.