Oh Snap!

Today's the auditions for All State Honors Choir, and I'm mad nervous. I know the music and what I need to do but I'm still scared for my life! Well, wish me luck, and leave comments on the post below?




Just an outfit for today loves. I didn't wear the headband to school, but I felt the hipster vibe once I got home. Since I had nothing else to do and I was done talking to my crush for the night, I stole my brothers EnV and began snapping away (I lost the charger for my digital, and the old chocolate takes horrid pictures). That's basically it.
Black Tunic/Dress- Rue 21; $17
Scarf- Mommy
Necklace- Grammy
Footless Tights- Target; $?
Red Flats (not shown)- gift from Grammy


Back And Black.

Early Friday morning I returned from my lacrosse Spring Training trip to Florida. It was intense and tiring, and I got dark as anything but so much fun. We practiced for three hours in the morning, had afternoons off, and scrimmaged at night. Besides all of the lacrosse things, we did a lot. We went to the movies one night to see Never Back Down. It was SO good, and all the guys in the movie were hot, which was an added bonus. I didn't really expect to like a movie about mixed martial arts, but I loved it, haha. One of the days we went to the beach for a while, but it was extremely windy, so we chilled at the pool. There was another day that we went to the outlets. I bought a black dress for school, and that's about it. There was a Nike store, which I didn't go to and I missed out on a $14 pair of Nike Dunks! I'm upset over it, but hey there's always next year.

Probably the best thing about the trip was Freshman Dressup, and the Lip Sync. For the Freshman Dressup, the seniors put us in crazy outfits, and paraded us around the hotel, while we had to sing for the boys baseball teams there. It sounds a little harsh but it was so much fun. The lip sync was fun as well. Each grade was against each other, doing a lip sync and dance to different songs. Us freshman came in third, but the coaches named us the best freshman group in years. The seniors didn't win and were upset because they would've rather lost to the freshman, than the juniors. Our only sophmore got last place, but she didn't really care. All in all though, the trip was amazing, and totally worth the $1300 dollars it cost. I can't wait until next year!

I can't get my pictures to upload, but they'll be there soon!


Current Addictions.

White Hanes T-Shirts (V-necks and Crew necks):
- These tops aren't the most stylish, but I have to admit they're mighty comfortable. Plus I can wear them with almost anything without getting into trouble for dress code. Also, they're so versatile. I wear some shirts for school, some hanging out on the weekends and at home, and others for lacrosse practice. I'm ready to buy a new set of mediums, the only size that I don't currently own, haha.

Slightly Oversized Polos:
- Recently, I was running low on clothing to wear for the week, so I decided to wear my school polo that I hadn't worn in years. I simply threw on a pair of black skinny jeans, a tank top, and the polo over it, and wore my usual accessory of a pendant necklace. Since then, I've decided to get more polos in the same style. I like them because I can roll or fold up the sleeves and pop the collar, and it makes me feel badass, haha.

Black Skinny Jeans
- Because I don't like wearing pants, and according to my school's dresscode we're not allowed to wear jeans, my alternative has become black skinny jeans. I have three pairs, and I wear them weekly with just about everything. They're really comfortable and very flattering. Plus, I get a great deal of compliments about the wash of them. All three are pretty different. So yes, I love my black skinnies.

Pendant Necklaces
- Pendant necklaces happen to be the only type of accessory I can put on without being irritated. Bracelets usually cause me to itch, and rings impede my writing. Therefore I stick to pendant necklaces. I only have a few; my black elephant from a friend, a red anchor from another friend, and a silver heart from my grandmother. I guess in a sense pendants are one of my signatures. Many of my friends, family, and classmates know me for wearing them.

Square Silk Scarves
- As of now I own two silk scarves, both taken from my mother''s closet. She was quite stylish in her day. One is red, gold, black, and possibly has a little cream. The other is a great mix of colors, gold, blue, green, black, and purple. If you look around at other posts there are pictures of both scarves. I'm not completely sure why I love them so much. It must have to do with the fact that I'm obsessed with bright colors and things with a sheen to them. At the moment, I'm on the hunt for some more. I'm pretty sure they sell or sold them at H&M, so I'll be sure to look there first. I'll also be sure to look for square cotton scarves, and regularly wrapped long scarves.


Spring Break & Laxin` Hard.

I'm finally on Spring Break for the next two weeks. This means, relaxation, two major projects, and the lacrosse spring training trip. We started practice last week, and it was honestly pretty hard. We did long distance runs every day, went through drills, and then did different types of scrimmages. This week we have two-a-days practices on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I'm kind of excited for those because I'm pretty sure the weather will be better than it has been for the past couple weeks. Finally on Friday, we leave Florida for spring training. We do a clinic that other schools are involved it, and practice basic drills and techniques. We also scrimmage the other schools. I'm pretty excited though, mostly because we have adorable scrimmage uniforms, and brand new sweatshirts! My uniform has my favorite number 31, because my birthday is on Halloween. The sweatshirt is great because it has my name on the back! I don't have any pictures because my camera's dead, but I'll be sure to add some soon.

So basically, that's what's been going on in life right now. I don't know if I'm going to update after Friday, because I haven't chosen whether or not to bring my laptop yet. I most likely will, so I can work on projects and homework. Until next time!