Winterball, OHBABY !

At the end of February, we're having the annual WINTER BALL at my high school. I'm extremely excited, especially considering it's my first high school semi-formal or semi-formal at all for that matter. Wow, this makes me sound like such a dork, haha. So anyways, being the anal girl that I am I bought my dress in the beginning of January. I think i posted a picture straight from Forever 21 on Teen Vogue, and I have one picture now. So anyways, what do you think ?
I realize it's not the most amazing picture, but I'm a little more than way to lazy to take a picture of myself in it, haha. Mostly because it would involve me begging my mother or brother to take the picture of me because i don't have a full length mirror and my camera's self time is pretty horrible. As far as shoes and accessories, I want to go for a bright color like royal purple shoes, and I'm sort of leaning toward wearing my silver heart necklace, that is unless I find something else that catches my eye. So that's basically all for now, I'm about to talk to a cute boy, haha. =)
peaceout !


They're Over !

I'm finally finished with midterms, and extremely excited about it. All of the exams weren't nearly as hard as I expected them to be, and the week itself was pretty fun. Because I didn't have classes I was able to hang out with my friends on campus once I was finished with each exam. Friday was an especially good day because I went to a party at this fondue restaurant, The Melting Pot with some of my friends, it was pretty fun. Hmm, I don't have much of anything fashion wise to add at the moment, but I will be posting my dress for Winterball soon. I just have to take a picture of it. The dress is quite adoreable. It's similar to the Alice and Olivia babydoll dress with the sequins. The difference is that the my dress is from Forever21 and only cost about forty dollars with shipping as opposed to between 300 or 400 dollars. Well that's really all I have for today. I really should be practicing my music for honor chior. I'm supposed to memorize it, and I haven't even begun to look at the music yet, oh dear.



Boo Midterms!

I haven't updated and quite a while, and I figured I owed some sort of explanation. My first set of high school midterms begin on Tuesday and I've been focusing on studying for the past two weeks. Since we don't have actual classes, I'll try to update through the week because I bring my laptop to school. So just wait a little longer and tune in.



Outfits & Whatnot.

It's about 230 am and I can't sleep. Instead of staring at the wall for another hour, I figured updating would be a good idea. Obviously, as you can see I added an outfit which I wore today. It's not especially interesting but it was comfortable considering I felt like crap. Thankfully I was able to wear my new cheetah print flats because it was about 60 degrees today, and it's supposed to continue to get warmer. Boy, am I excited about that, especially since I spend a lot of my time walking to other buildings on campus during the day. I wore my favorite yellow roxy hoodie with the outfit because a) it was chilly in the morning b) i needed the extra comfort. So any opinons ? All are appreciated, unless you're bitter and rude for the sake of it. I've
of had a lot of stupidity and rudeness thrown at me lately, and I really don't need more of it. So thanks in advance.



Fashion Is My Expression ?

Okay I read through the essay, and I realized that it is the wrong copy. The edited one is on my home computer ( I'm on my laptop now ). So I'll try to post up that one as soon as possbile, I'm really fond of opinions that people may have.


RIP Snazzy Glasses

Today, my glasses broke. I took them off to clean them and they split in half. At first I just looked at them, and then I just began to yell for my mother. Sadly, she couldn't do anything about it because my warranty has long been over ( I bought the glasses in September 2006 ). So why get so upset over a pair of glasses ? They're probably the best pair I've ever picked out for myself. I felt that they gave off that cool geeky chic vibe, and they had a lovely black & clear checkered patteren. The pattern sounds a little bit tacky, but it's great; well in my opinion at least. As of now, I'm wearing my spare pair, bronze rounded square metal frames, boo. Hopefully I'll be able to get a new and even better pair soon. Pray for me ? Haha, just kidding but I really would like to get a new pair soon.


Hello My Name Is.....

So, since this is my first post, I think an introduction is in order. I'm Samantha, and as part of my New Year's resolution, I'm finally starting a blog. Bascially I'll be focusing on fashion, and my personal style, becuase that's what i love. I'll also add things going on in my life, thoughts on things going around in the world, just everything. So stay tuned readers.