I Want It Now!

Some accessories that I'm really fond of right now; all from http://www.fredflare.com/.



So I've been tagged by Olivia of Suburban Style

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1. I'm really short, just about 4'10 1/2 which is weird because people in my family aren't short. It makes life difficult sometimes because I can't reach a lot of things, but I get help. Ultimately I like being short though.

2. I completely despise singing for people. I'll admit it, I have a really good voice. Since I can sing though, people thing I'll just burst out in song with them, and that's definitely not the case. I get nervous really easily and singing for peers pretty much sucks, because a lot of people judge you, so I guess that's part of the reason why. But basically if you know me, you know not to ask me to sing for you.

3. I feel like I have OCD-ish tendancies. The last time my mom tried to load the dishwaher, she put things in the wrong place and I cried, hysterically. So now I'm in charge of the dishwasher and everything has it's own right place. I freak out about my pencil case a lot, the one time I lost it was the worst school day of the year, and my locker is really organized by size and type of school supply. On the other hand though, my room is an absolute mess, everything is everywhere, and I like my clothes best on the floor.

4. I love food, but I hate to eat. Chewing takes such a long time! But I would never stop eating food cause it tastes so darn good.

5. I've only recently started reading again. When I was younger, I read tons of books per week, and had a really advanced reading level. But as of now, I read a lot of teen fiction. The last book I read was 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It was really amazing, but chilling because it centered around a girl's suicide and the reasons why.

6. I could never have a real sit down job because I hate sitting and focusing. I want to do something where I'm out and about, a part of a lot of action, and always talking to people. Being an accountant or something of that sort would kill me, but more power to the people who do it.

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Simple Sundays.

This weekend has been particulary uneventful, but mighty relaxing. Friday night was the choir concert, it was hot as balls at the chapel we performed in. What was worse was I had lacrosse practice two hours before, so I was tired and kind of sore. Nevertheless everything for Vocal Chamber went well, Women's choir sucked as usual, and the fanale was spectacular! Yesterday, I slept in and chilled, and talked to really good friend, that I happen to have a super major crush on. He told me that he'll most likely be coming back to my school in junior year, so that's pretty fantastic. Today, I did the little bit of homework I had, and I'm going to the mall to buy summer things and possibly some new books at Barnes & Nobles. Ehh, I really have nothing more to say, so I'll leave you with today's outfit.

plaid vest
white hanes tank top
black elephant pendant necklace
levi skinny jeans
red flip flops or gold flats


Oh So Random.

I was bored and going through my phone when I found two pictures from last Saturday while I was at Kohl's. I found this adoreable highwaisted black pencil skirt. It was kind of plain, but had buttons at the top and a little indent thing. It's a little hard to explain. Sadly though, I couldn't buy it because the zipper was damaged.

bunched up & slightly awkward, yet sufficient

my typical peace-signing self & the adorable skirt

outfit for that day.


What A Great Friday.

On Friday, the teachers had all day meetings about the new schedule, so instead of getting the day of freshman, sophmores, and juniors had assemblies all day. Obviously, I wasn't excited. I figured it was going to be terribly lame, and I would be able to catch up on sleep or something. But to my surprise the speakers were pretty great for the most part and I had a lot of fun.

In the morning, we talked to Akin Salawu. He went to my school, and working in play and screenwriting, and did film-making and editing for Dreamworks, MGM, and a plethora of other production companies. He was also part of a grassroots campaign for Barack Obama. He's one of the founders of NJ for Obama (I think that's what it's called), and he's put together many inspiring videos for the campaign. It was really interesting to hear about the different things that he's done for the campaign. Since he's doing grassroots, most of the people he works with he doesn't personally know. To see some of the videos go www.youtube.com/akinscribe5
After a short break, we went to the band room, and we were showed a presentation of a man who works in forensics. His specialty was documents, and it was interesting but nothing amazing. He talked about the different things he did as far as proving the importance in documents, and talked about some past cases. Towards the end I almost fell asleep but overall it was great.

Finally, we had a panel discussion with some YA fiction authors that are friends with my english teacher. We spoke to Bob Krech, Thu Huong Ha, Daniel Ehrenhaft, and Kristin Kemp. Mr. Krech works in the public school system, and looked like he in his 40's maybe? I thought it was cool that he still with YA fiction, even though he was older. Thu is a sophmore at Princeton University, and she wrote her one and only book as a freshman in highschool. I liked her the best because I felt like I could relate to her the most as far as her age, and her sarcastic personality. Daniel Ehrenhaft, seemed to be a little awkward, but was really nice and funny. Kristin Kemp writes for CosmoGirl as well as writing books, she seemed uncomfortable talking to us, and honestly her book wasn't all that great, but she was polite. It was such an amazing opportunity to speak with all of these authors, because I'm really interested in writing myself. I really hope that my teacher brings in more of her friends, because I'd take author assemblies over schoolwork any day.

Rebound by Bob Krech

Hail Caesar by Thu Huong Ha

10 Things To Do Before I Die by Daniel Ehrenhaft

Breakfast At Bloomingdale's by Kristin Kemp


Good News!

Today I found out from my music teacher that I've made it into the NJ All State Mixed Honors Choir! Ah, I can't even begin to describe how happy I am to get it. For one thing, it's not common for freshman to make it into the choir, and plus I'm 17th singer in my section throughout the whole entire state! Wow, I'm so unbelieveably excited, I'm not sure who else from my school got in, but one of my friends from another choir I did is going. I just wanted to share that little tidbit, but now I'm off to bed, I have an EPIC game tomorrow for lacrosse. Hmm, maybe I'll actually get some good play time?


Right on Target

Today I went to Target so my mom could buy some apple juice, and of course I made my way straight to the clothes to try things on. Within about five minutes I picked out a few really simple, but still cute items, none of which are a part of Jovovich-Hawk. The clothes are nice-looking, just not for me. I tried on two long shirts which I could wear as short dresses (being short does come in handy sometimes), a black cardigan, and a dark grey pair of leggings, because I already have grey tights. I put the stuff together in some simple, slightly generic outfits, but they seem good for relaxing on test days and whatnot. Here's pictures:

hanes tee shirt + bright red adidas= extra comfy practice
purple top w/ puffyish sleeves + dark grey leggings
blue tunic/dress thing + dark grey leggings
same outfit as above, with the black cardigan I found
Yes I know, nothing groudbreaking, but these outfit ideas will come in handy since the fourth quarter and finals are coming up in a little less than two months. Holyjeez, that means freshman year is almost over! Academically, that makes me happy as anything. Socially, I really can't say the same. I love just hanging around with people at school, especially since only one of my really good friends lives in my town.
During my next time at Target, I'll be sure to look for some amazing stuff. That'll probably mean traveling to the Isaac Mizzrahi(spelling?) section, and finding some really nice blouses, and skirts. That's it for today though, enjoy!