High and Wasted at School

Today I wore a highwaisted skirt to school for the first time. Yes I know, probably not a big deal for most of you fashionistas, but it was for me. I received plenty of compliments on my outfit, which doesn't really happen all that much. Also, I had a couple friends ask why my skirt was so high, but whatever. I felt cute, and oddly more comfortable than usual. Take a looksee:

White V-Neck: Hanes, 5 for $8.99

Skirt: Beall's, $?

Elephant Necklace: Forever 21, gift

Anchor Necklace: Forever21, gift

Knit Footless Tights: Target, $?

Grey Pointy-Toed Flats: Kohls, $6.99

Aside from the outfit, Winterball is this Friday and I'm really excited for it. I have everything together except for the bag. I guess I'll either borrow one from my mom or go out and buy a simple clutch in either purple or magenta (the colors in the shoes). Here's some pictures:


Honors Choir & New Nerd Glasses.

Today I got back from Hartford, CT where I was a part of an amazing honors choir performance. Wednesday thru Saturday had to be some of the best days I've had so far this year. I met some amazing people, had a great choir director, and actually enjoyed singing almost all the time. I didn't really get any pictures, just one of this great kid Elias. He was extra friendly to everyone and up for pretty much anything. He let a couple girls put his hair up in pigtails, on the top of his head, and then was willing to pose for pictures afterwards. Ugh, wow I was so sad to leave, I can't wait to try out for nationals; hopefully I'll get in again.

And for the second, happier and more upbeat part of this post. I GOT MY NEW GLASSES! They look amazing, and I'm so happy to have them. Thankfully, if anything happens there's a year-long warrantee. I think the best part about them is that they have zebra print on them, they're wonderful.


Ready For Summer !

It's sunny outside, so i thought I'd put together an outfit that would make me feel like it was summer. What do you think?
Sunnies - Forever 21, $5.80
Scarf - My Mother
Heart Pendant - My Grandmother
White Hanes Tee - In a pack of 5, $8
Denim Shorts - Hollister jeans that I cut


Horrible Day Turned Better =)

Today was a pretty shitty crappy day. I got my period this morning, and at first I was fine. No cramps, nothing. Then after lunch I started getting HORRIBLE cramps, it was hard to walk, and I was beginning to feel dizzy, it sucked. So, I ended up leaving science class and sleeping in the nurses office for about an hour and a half. When I woke up I headed back to the upper school wing, and called my mother to figure out how I would get home. So I chilled around for about two hours with my friends, and hung out with more friends when they came back from swim practice. Finally at six o clock, my ride came and I slept on the way home. When I got home, I saw an opened Forever 21 box, and that immediately made me feel better because I got my NEW SUNGLASSES ! Haha, as you can see I'm extremely excited, and they look good on me, well at least I think so. So yes, today turned out to be a pretty sweet day. Especially since the cramps are gone.


Wishing, Waiting, Wanting.

My current wishlist.

uno: Look a like Wayfarer sunnies (Forever 21; I've already ordered them )
dos: Oversized-ish grey cardigan ( Forever 21 )
tres: Dark purple peep-toe flats, possibly for Winter Ball? ( Forever 21 )
quattro: Large black bag, I love them. ( Forever 21 )
cinco: Small black clutch with black rhinestone-stud things, also for Winter Ball ? ( Forever 21 )
seis: Oversized black sunnies ( Forever 21 )
siete: Royal purple tulip skirt ( American Apparel )
ocho: Elephant pendant necklace ( Forever 21 )