Outfits to Fair the Cold Weather.

Some more outfits from this week.


black cardigan & ribbed tights & silver flats(not shown) & oversize pearl earrings: Target
loose white tank: Gap
black & blue bandage skirt: H&M
skinny red belt & black elephant necklace: Forever 21
ridiculous amount of bracelets: all over the place

I didn't do much, just spent the entire day freaking out about an AP Bio lab report.


black & white buffalo plaid shirt: Old Navy
yellow scarf: my mother
oversize pearl earrings: Target
red skinny studded belt: Forever 21
ridiculous amount of bracelets: all over
black skinny jeans: Pac Sun
black boots (not shown): Bare Feet Shoes

I had an AP Bio test first period, had my first detention, and watched an absolutely terrible basketball game. We won, but the other team was absolutely sad; I think we won by 40 points.

Sorry for the decline in posts lately, but midterms are next week and I've spent most of my time studying. I won't have any time for posting this week, but I'll definitely be back around next weekend when I'm finished. Wish me luck!


Just An Outfit.

Just an outfit for today, well tonight really.

navy blue blazer + purple piping: Old Navy
white v-neck: Fruit of the Loom
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
tons of bracelets: all over the place
grey skinny jeans: Pac Sun
tall black boots: Bare Feet Shoes

The debut of my new blazer! I got lots of compliments, it was nize. I didn't do much of anything today. I went to school and learned things and then managed the boys JV & Varsity games. JV actually won, haha it was great. The varsity game was AMAZING though; they won at the buzzer in overtime. It was SUCH an intense game, haha. Tomorrow I'm going to a dress fitting becasue I'm in my friend Jacque's cotillion. I have the best escort ever; he's super chill. Hmm, I'll see if I can take pictures of the dress, it's supposed to be really really pretty. Wednesday I have my first detention ever, and a Varsity basketball game. Should be interesting.


Nicholas Kirkwood.

After spotting a pair on the Jak & Jil blog a while ago, I've basically fallen in love with Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

Autumn/Winter 2008

Spring/Summer 2008
Aren't they just perfect?


Happy Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday January 2nd, was the one year anniversary of the blog and I'm both excited and a little surprised that it's lasted this long. I've changed a lot from the beginning and I think I'm continuously getting better at this whole blogging thing as I go along. Hopefully, all of you readers feel the same.
Just an example of how I started off (one of my first posts):
See the difference?
So in closing, here's to a great year and hopefully many many more. Yeay!


Happy New Year!

Wow, 2008 is now officially over and what a year it's been. This past year, I've changed so much in terms of both personality and personal style and the world changed as well. From the economic crisis to the first black president being elected so much has happened. I'm not sure what 2009 will bring, but I'm excited for it and hopefully this year will be a great one.

This year instead of hanging out with my mother and brother, this year I hung out with my two best friends. We watched The House Bunny, took tons of pictures on photobooth, and watched the ball drop. After that we stayed up talking until 4 am and then FINALLY fell asleep. It was a ton of fun.

New Year's Eve Outfit:

New Year's Day Outfit:

*and a pink beret*