Funny Faces.

thrifted blazer/f21 cheetah tank/target cami/f21 leggings/f21 shoes/f21 necklace

Clearly being very serious. 




Ugh, so in love with these new oxfords from Urban Outfitters. They fit well, they're sturdy, & they're EXTREMELY comfortable. 



blu reed top, levi's jeans, daddy's belt, f21 necklace, spring oxfords

cool fno display things at macy's
f21 diy bag
vintage blazer, f21 dress/necklace, spring oxfords
I spent last weekend in Manhattan and it was great as usual. On Friday, I went to Fashion's Night Out with one of my best shopping partners, my Grammie. The F21 in Times Sqaure was better than I could have ever imaged. The store consisted of four floors that offered all the branches found on the website - Forever 21, Love 21, Heritage 1981/Heritage 1981 Kids, Faith 21, F21 Twist, 21 Men...I think that's about it. I spent four hours shopping and bumping to the DJ; I received a free manicure and made an awesome DIY totebag. I window shopped at Macy's Herald Square (& was almost run over by a crowd trying to see Kimora Lee Simmons...really, of all people?!) and H&M before I spontaneously got sick and made my way back to my grandparents' apartment. 
Saturday, I went to the MRC Open House at Columbia and fell in love with the school all over again. Between the arts program, beautiful campus, and wonderful people there, I know that it's definitely the right fit. 

thrifted plaid flannel, op pocket v-neck, target skirt, f21 necklace/belt, blue pointy-toe flats (not shown)
That was yesterday's school outfit and the only outfit picture I've had time to take this week. School is wonderful, but I'm terribly terribly busy because of it...It's nice to have a full schedule again though. 


Back To School 2010

op white v-neck, kimichi blue skirt, old navy cardigan, f21 wedges, wal-mart shades

Tuesday was my very last first day of high school & it was surprisingly wonderful. I like my classes, I loved seeing all of my friends and the new kids aren't all that bad. As far as I can tell, senior year is going to be AMAZING. I'm excited. On a completely separate note, sorry for the horrendous full-length shot; my brother and I were both exhausted & did not have any interest with cooperating with one another.  

P.S. Thank you to my new followers & keep it coming!

P.P.S. I'm going to Fashion's Night Out in NYC this Friday, are you?



grey lace-up wedges - f21
grey flat boots - walmart
black converse - HKG
purple zippered flats - target
gold oxfords - spring

My new shoes for the school year, so now I have about 35 pairs total. Excitement :)