Hair Cut? Hairs Cut.

After thinking about it for a month and a half, I finally cut my hair! Originally I wanted about two or three inches cut off, but after my stylist called my mother the three of us decided that one inch would be the best. I mean it's shorter, but I can still put it up when I want or need to. Either way, I'm happy with the cut, and now I think I'm officially ready for the school year! It's funny though, most people spend their summers trying to growing out their hair while I decide to cut mine off. Anways, here's some pictures. What do you think?

So what are you girls (and guys?) doing last minute for back to school? Haircuts, last minute shopping, outfit planning, or full blown makeovers?



A bunch of stuff I bought last Tuesday & Wednesday.

black & gold headbands - Target
cheetah print headband - J. Crew


oversized pearls - Target


Both scarves are from my friend Jacque (Jack-ee). She bought them during her summer in Bangkok. I must say, that's extremely cool.

Golden Gladiators:

After almost two years of wanting them, I finally got gladiators! They were only $15 at Easy Pickins'.

ME! Being cute like usual, haha.

I'm wearing both my earrings and my new gold headband. Also, the grey v-neck is new too.
So, as of now I'm done with my back to school shopping list. I'm gonna save the sweet kicks (look three posts down), and the new camera for my birthday; I mean, it's only two months away. In the meanwhile, I'll be taking pictures with my cellular.


The Sun Never Sets On A Badass.

*found on google.com while searching "elephant tattoos"

The tattoo I'm planning to get once I turn eighteen. Unless my mother changes her mind and lets me get one for my sixteenth birthday. Oh, and along with that I want to get my nose pierced as well.


To Cut, or Not to Cut?

Lately I've been thinking of making a change to my hair because of the new school year. Coloring is out of the question, since the last time I self-colored my hair, and it was damaged a little bit. My other thought was to get it cut. My hair isn't really that long as of now, but I think that if I cut it, it'll make a difference.

My Hair Now:

That isn't the best picture to show it, but my hair is like shoulder length now.

What I Wanna Do:

This is the basic style that I want, but about an inch shorter.

So, opinions?


So Far.

I have pretty much everything that I'll need as far as clothes this school year, but there's always more you can add.

Some of the Things I have:
blazers (1 black, 1 navy, 1 olive green)
cardigans (1 teal, 1 black, 1 navy, 1 light green, 1 purple&grey)
skinny jeans (2 black, 2 darkwash)
ballet flats (1 gold, 1 silver)
rainboots (cheetah prints)
high waist skirts (1 grey, 1 floral&rprinted, 1 plaid)
tank tops to layer (more than I can count)
oversize vests (1 cheetah print, 1 mudcloth, 1 black, 1 plaid)
tunic tanks (1 grey, 1 cream, 2 white)
sandals (1 black, 1 gold)
v-neck tee shirts (15 white)
pendant necklaces (1 elephant, 1 heart)
scarves (6 printed)
hoodies (1 yellow, 1 gold, 1 purple)
belts (1 brown, 2 black, 1 red)
school bags (1 black pantent with laptop case, 1 cloth black & tan printed)
large handbag (1 black)

What I still need:
sweet kicks - I found a pretty cool pair: http://i34.tinypic.com/s6sv8o.jpg
gold gladiator sandals
bandage skirt - Target actually has some decent ones
purple skinny jeans
a zebra print v-neck tee
a bright bag - either teal or yellow
new camera - Canon Powershot

So that's basically it. I should be able to buy this new stuff since I received my last paycheck yesterday. It was the last day of camp and pretty much amazing. I took tons of pictures, but I can't show any of them because my camera began to crap up again. Now I can only take pictures, not review or upload them. It sucks, but hopefully I'll get a new one soon.


Back to School Cool.

Even though school is about 3 1/2 weeks away, I already started picking out clothes for my first day of school. So far, I have two outfits but I want to pick one so I don't continue to change my mind.

Choice 1:
black dress - Target
floral scarf - my mother
heart necklace - my grandmother
bangles - all over the place

Choice 2:
teal cardigan - Target
white tank top - Pathmark?
silk scarf - my mother
silver heart necklace - my grandmother
grey high waist skirt - Target
As far as shoes, I'm not really sure for either one. For the first I was thinking about these black flat strapped sandals that I have, for the second possibly gold ballet flats? Anyways, just give me your opinons to help me decide. Please and Thank you.


Stuntin` Is a Habit.

Agh, Friday was such a good day. The whole camp went to Fun Time America. It's basically an indoor mini-amusement park; it's kind of like Chuck-E-Cheese, but so much better. Instead of watching the kids like hawks as usual, us counselors were having fun as well. We played this extremely huge game of laser tag, and my team won by 6 points. It was ridiculous, we were all either running around and chasing eachother or hiding waiting to take a shot from the perfect spot. Then we went on a motion simulator that took place in the future in a high speed chase. So basically, we were flying everywhere and falling out of the seats because there were handles, but no seatbelts. It was so much fun though.

There were also bumper cars, a himalayas ride, and those typical basketball and racing games and things of that nature. It was just fantastic, haha. Also, they had this little booth selling tons of overpriced items to the kids. Included were those ridiculous pairs of Kanye West shutter shades. As impractical as they are I as well as half of the people there bought a pair. Mine are cute though, they're hot pink! Haha, one of my favorite colors besides purple.

Overall, it was just a fantastic day, and next week we're going into New York City to go to the Museum of Natural History. I have a feeling that'll be a mess. There's over 200 kids in the camp, and I'm really not sure how we're gonna control all of them in a place like a museum. Hopefully it'll turn out alright though.

Oh wait, my brother finally fixed the webcam on our computer so now I can photobooth whenever I want! And yes I did take quite a few pictures on it today. It's one of my favorite passtimes. Yes, I know I'm a little bit of a loser for that.

Post-Work Outfit:

Kanye Glasses:

Other Stunna Shades: