Outfits & New Buys

Last night, I went to the mall with my mother to find shoes for a Sweet Sixteen that I'm going to this Friday. I didn't find the exact shoes that I wanted, gold gladiators, but I did find an adorable pair of gold sandals.

The Outfit:
plaid vest - my grandmother
white v-neck - Fruit of the Loom
denim cutoffs - Hollister, cut them myself
stop global warming bracelet - Emily (my friend)
maroon argonaut bracelet - school
black elephant necklace - Forever 21

The Shoes:
They're from Old Navy and were only $19.50. Score!

Today, I'm doing a whole lot of nothing. That being said, I did put a sickass outfit together for my day at home. Basically, just in case i miraculously happen to go out which could happen considering my mother has a party to pick my younger brother up from later.

The Outfit:
scarf (worn as a headband) - my mother
white tunic tank - The Gap
teal tank - Old Navy
denim shorts - Target
black sandals - Target
black elephant necklace - Forever 21
stop global warming bracelet - Emily
maroon argonaut bracelet - school
colored bangles - my grandmother


mary said...

You always look so good in an effortless way. I love the super long tank wit the bright bangles and the head scarf.


keira antoia rose said...

If I could wear a vest every day of my life I would...well I could, but that might be a bit strange. I love your vest.
xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Secretista said...

I love it all!

Luella said...

I LOVE the elephant necklace! and the sandals are just really cute.

La Petite Californienne said...

I definitely LOVE the plaid vest. You pull it off so well!

yiqin; said...

The plaid vest is so awesome! That elephant necklace is really rad too! You look great :)

Nay'Chelle said...

Great vest! I really like it.

Biianca said...

your plaid vest is amazing!!! I love it
and you should look for a romper, I mean, it doesnt hurt to try! If you dont like it, then thats that, but you'll never know until you try!
you look so cute and summery!!!!!


plaid works! love it xx
ooh i so want your elephant necklace too ♥

Sharifa said...

your shoes are mega fierce.

Unrealized Fish said...

Your vest is cool!

Zai said...

i love the vest!

Anonymous said...

i love those vests! i have so many, they are probably my favorite item of clothing. nice blog!

Wendy said...

I adore that plaid vest!

Sam said...

your plaid dress is so cool as well as the elephant necklace!

yoncto said...

OMG i love that plaid vest! the whole first outfit is great, actually.

trade links?

MadameDior said...

your plaid vest is awesome!