Hot Hot Heat.

It's 90 degrees outside, and truly the first heat wave of my summer. Today I woke up super early for my first All State Honor Choir rehearshal. It was 3 1/2 hours of singing through music I'd never seen in my life and it was both intimidating and tiring to say the least. The extreme heat was instantly made better because of the great air conditioning at our practice space, and the many familiar faces from All Eastern Honor Choir. After that crazy practice, I went to CVS with my mother and picked up the latest CosmoGirl, and then walked to Baskin Robbins and ate an amazing oreo sundae. It was simply fantastic. Then I made my way back into the heat, and drove back home. So anyways, let me get to my outfit today. It was pretty basic, but kept me cool for the day, and I received plenty of compliments from girls I didn't know. Awkward, right? Pretty much.

v-neck tee: fruit of the loom, 5 for $8.99
denim shorts: mossimo for target, $5.23 (on sale!)

green & blue scarf: stolen from my mother

black sandals: xhilaration for target, $14.99

stop global warming bracelet: my friend emily, $5.99
maroon 'argo' bracelet: school

colored bangles: my grandmother


YaYa Speakin' said...

i really love the outfit.

Nay'Chelle said...

Great scarf! I can't stand hot weather. haha.

Vesper de Vil said...

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carefree said...

i always think it's awkward when random people compliment me. i never know what to say. i love v-necks.so much. they are definitely going to be timeless.
i'm maureen by the way :)

mary said...

yaaaaaaaay you're back!
I love the scarf and bangles, they're so nice.
Grandmothers do have the best stuff, don't they?
I'm sure choir will get easier though... you should post a video of you singing! I'm so curious!

Biianca said...

cute outfit! I love the scarf!!!!

Jenny H. said...

no its fine.
its definitely nice to see someone my own age.
most people are a lot older.

yeahhh i would love too!
us young ones have to stick together.

Ana said...

Nice3 scraf. And its a good outfit for just chilling and reading CosmoGirl on such a hot day!