Christmas 2010

h&m sweater/target leggings/h&m beret/f21 necklace/dolce vita x target oxfords
The Christmas Outfit...I'm trying to get Nigel back on board as photographer. Let's hope for that.


Curb Stompin' Boots.

thrifted blazer/target tank/leggings/grammie's earrings/h&m scarf/thrifted doc martens/

So in love with my Doc Martens; I bought them a year ago but just started wearing them these past few weeks. I've been wearing the H&M scarf almost every day. It's the perfect thing to keep my neck warm and safe for swimming. 

In other news, I was deferred to regular decision for Columbia. I'm not upset though, I'm happy I wasn't flat out rejected. That'd be terrible. I've since sent in my applications to Fordham at Lincoln Center, Drew, UMass - Amherst, and University of Pittsburgh. I'm still working on Emory, UPenn, and Harvard...yes, Harvard. It's not by choice but whatever. Maybe I'll get in? Also, I'm on winter break! So excited for the next 2+ weeks of relaxing and attending the boys basketball games - I'm the head manager.

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vintage blazer/f21 top/target leggings/h&m wedges/f21 necklace/f21 earrings

It's finally starting to look and feel like winter...I'm not sure if I'm ready for all of that yet. Please excuse my apparent inability to keep a straight face, ever. Also, my Columbia decision comes out on Thursday. I'm so excited and nervous; I can't even stand it.  

That's me being fashionable/photoboothing after school. I am SUCH a cool cat.