Nine + Three

So just a tiny update. I have nine more full days of school! So these last nine days will be spent diligently studying for tests and quizzes, and trying to get the bangin-est grades before school is out. After that I have three days of final exams. Thankfully, all three of those days will be dressdown days, and I can leave as soon as I'm finished. On the other hand though. I have two days of two exams, and one day of one. So there's really only one day that I can leave early, darn. But anways all of this information is important because it means that I'll be back soon! So I'll be back soon, with an update that will probably include an outfit.

Tata for now Ladies,



I'm coming up on my last three weeks of freshman year everything has been unbelieveabley stressful. I have a 7 page history paper due Monday, a Science project due Wednesday, and plenty of tests and quizzes leading up to final exams. I'd love to be able to update more, but there just isn't enough time in the day for me to do my homework and to write this blog, respond to comments, and look at other people's blogs. That being said, I guess for now it's best to for me to take a break at least until things have settled down a little. So i guess it's goodbye for now girls (and guys?). Hopefully I'll be back in a couple weeks!




Since last year I've heard a lot about polyvore, and "polyvoring" but I never really knew what it was about. I recently just started using polyvore, and it's a lot of fun. Here are some of the sets that I've done.

Something that I'd wear just hanging out on weekends.

An outfit that could very possibly be my costume for halloween as a hipster. i'll probably swap out the sandals for a pair of flats or beat up converse.

A ton of things that I want to buy for the summer.

Somthing that I'd wear on a normal school day.