The Clash.

Nothing special, just today's outfit. Yet again I did absolutley nothing besides homework but things are looking up; people are finally coming back from vacation so I've been able to make plans. Yeay me!

black beret - H&M
black & white buffalo plaid shirt - Old Navy
navy printed scarf - Mommy
black leggings - H&M
stunna shades - Wet Seal

I have to say, I really like the way the shirt & scarf clash. Matching is overrated!
I'm starting to become slightly obsessed with that black beret, the sunglasses too. Although I put so much effort into my outfits, I absolutely despise doing my hair! Therefore anything I can just slip onto my head and still look cute, it's perfect for me. And well the sunglasses are a little more self-explanitory; what person doesn't love a great pair of sunglasses?

Wow, it's so nice to be updating more regularly again; it keeps my mind off all of the other stuff happening, namely school stuff. Its nice to have a break and not worry about it, actually it's more like wonderful! On a completely unrelated note, Mary from Hailmary made it to her 100th post! You should check it out, she gives 100 pieces of advice and it's fantastic.


what are you, a beatnik or something?

That was the first thing my mother said to me when she saw my outfit today. I think she's completely right though.

black beret - H&M
loose white tank - Gap
yellow scarf - Momma
black leggings - Grandma
stunna shades - Wet Seal

Is it bad that I've been wearing leggings almost every day since spring break started? Nah, I didn't think so either.

Also, in honor of it being almost spring and the fact that I'm getting contacts after my next optometrist appointment I bought myself two pairs of stunna shades. It just so happens that whilst in Charlottesville last week I went to some random mall and saw 2 for $10 sunglasses that were sold at $7.50 a piece. I couldn't resist!

Hot right? Hah.


The Boyfriend Jean.

So apparently boyfriend jeans are supposed to be one of the many "big trends" this spring (although they've been popular for quite a while), and one that I will not be partaking in. On Wednesday while on vacation in Charlottesville, I was browsing in American Eagle and came across this pair:

As you can see they're pretty standard; plenty of rips & tears all around, loose throughout, and cuffed at the bottom. I loved how they looked on the rack, but on my body was a completely different story. Basically, I looked much shorter than I already am and a little bit butch even, thus leading me to stay far far away from this trend. So much for that one.