Lucky Number 7

I was tagged by both Mary of Hail Mary and Nay'Chelle of Austere to list my seven favorite songs at the moment. If you didn't already know, I LOVE music, and I'm really into singing, and I participate in honor choirs pretty frequently. So without any further ado in any particular order, here are my seven favorite songs:

Everybody Nose - N.E.R.D.
I absolutely LOVE Pharrell, and I love the group he created N.E.R.D as well. I'm pretty sure it's the sicknasty beats, and the amazingly amazing rapping skillz. Haha, yeah pretty much.

A Milli - Lil Wayne
Honestly, when I first heard of Lil Wayne, I hated him. The song Fireman really wasn't doing it for me at all. Later though, I heard Pop Bottles, Lollipop, and A Milli and I fell in love. For the most part, I only really only listen for the beat and music of the song, because it's great to dance to.

Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
This song is perfect for the summertime. It makes me think of relaxing, and sipping some lemonade, or in my case Arizona sweet tea, because I'm addicted.

Summer of `98 - The Secret Handshake
Summer of `98 was the first song I heard from the Secret Handshake and I immediately fell in love. I LOVE the electronic sound of it, and pretty funny. It's about a kid that wants to grow up and try to be cool over the summer.

Love In This Club - Usher
Who doesn't love Usher? Not only is he sexy, but he can SING. Any guy that has both of those qualities has my heart. His newest CD came out pretty recently and forgive me, I have no idea what it's called! But anways, I love the song and the sound of it, although the words are a little bit inappropriate for younger listeners. I mean really, it's about making love in a club.

Kelsey - Metro Station
A lot of people have recently become fans of Metro Station. I heard of them on MySpace sometime last summer, and I've been hooked since then. They kind of have that electropowerpop thing going on, and it's great. I love the song Kelsey, and I'd be head over heels for any guy who could sing it to me.

Black Mags - The Cool Kids
I love the big beats of The Cool Kids, it reminds me of 80's and 90's rap. I also love they can still be cool without talking about drinking, drugs, and trying to be "gangsta". I mean really, Black Mags is about riding bikes and picking up girls, nothing dirty.

So here are my seven, and now it's late and I have work tomorrow. Oh yeah! Now I have to tag, so how about this, anyone who wants to fill this out is TAGGED. I'll be looking around, so post your favorite songs, I wanna know.


Biianca said...

YAY I am glad someone in this world of blogging still likes rap
I mean, I love indie, alternative, rock, electronica, and techno too.
But Rap/hip hop is cool too, and a lot of people seem to shun it because it is so main stream.

Jay said...

i still love rap well not rap real hip-hop like the cool kids, weezy, kanye, pharrell everybody and i love your style to great blog

Ana said...

haha I just did this tag
stop by my blog

pammish said...

ilove ur song selection!
esp. a milli.. love in this club :)