Lazy Saturday;

Hmm, not much happened today. I went to The Cheesecake Factory (amazing food - I love the fried macaroni balls), the mall, and Target. I'm currently broke so I didn't buy ANYTHING, there's always next time though.

*I wore my shirt untucked while I was out but I saw the belt at home and figured I'd try tucking in*

black & white buffalo plaid shirt: old navy
light wash dollhouse denim shorts: kohls
gold gladiator sandals: marshalls
printed scarf: banana republic
medium brown belt: no idea.
bracelets: grandpa
gold pendant necklace: forever 21
black & gold rose earrings: forever 21

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Hey There :)

Hello, hello, hello. I know I've been a terrible blogger lately but July & August have been super hectic. Between work, shopping, reading, and trying to make time with friends/family, updating hasn't been one of my top priorities! I'm back now though, and that's all that matters, emirite?

Although I've been gone, I have been keeping up with outfit pictures even though I generally haven't been wearing anything substantial - my work uniform consisted of my 'staff' tee shirt, shorts, sandals, and assorted accessories. For example, my outfit for the last day of work:

work tee shirt: from the boss
black nike dry-fit spandex: dick's sporting goods
black patent sandals: target
pink & white animal print scarf (tied into a bow): banana republic
stack of bracelets: grandpa
heart pendant necklace: forever 21
large gold hoop earrings: claire's
flat-top shades: wetseal

The last day we had a pirate themed carnival so I figured wearing hoop earrings and a scarf would be appropriate. On a whim, I tied the scarf off into a bow and it turned out looking really great. It's cute but not too "cutesy" if you know what I mean.

Next up is one outfit worn in 3 different situations. I'm usually not one to do that but I just love this particular outfit THAT much.


* Party honoring my mother's best friend adopting her son *

teal cardigan: old navy
grey & white animal print romper: H&M
black patent sandals (not shown): target
black elephant necklace: forever 21
stack of bracelets: Grandpa
large gold hoop earrings: claire's
black half-rim sunglasses: wet seal


* My friend Telsha's 16th birthday party *

pre-party photoboothing.

during party.

*i'm in the back in the 2nd picture*
gold & black medallion necklace: forever 21


* A day in the city with Grandma - included "Models As A Muse" exhibit at The MET, walking through Central Park & various other parts of the Upper West Side, eating at Saigon Grill (90th & Amsterdam on the Upper West Side, check it!), and taking a nap before Mommy Dearest came & got me. *

gold medallion necklace: forever 21
flat top shades: wet seal

Finally, I have yesterday's & today's outfits. Sunday I went into Queens to see my cousins and take my younger brother back home to Dirty Jerz; the day was hot but relaxing. Today was my first of four days of SAT Prep. The classes themselves aren't bad; I wasn't all to thrilled to be back at school just yet.


white v-neck: american apparel
denim shorts: kohls
gold gladiators *new, no pictures yet*: marshall's
black printed scarf (tied in a bow): mother
gold & black medallion necklace: forever 21
large gold hoop earrings: claire's

black & white buffalo plaid shirt: old navy
black under armour shorts: dick's sporting goods
gold gladiators: marshall's
stack of bracelets: grandpa
gold & black medallion necklace: forever 21
large gold hoop earrings: claire's