Welcome to the Good Life.

draped sweater - h&m/leopard bandage skirt - h&m/tights - target/buckled boots - dolce vita for target/earrings - f21/circle scarf - h&m

Today was the last day of the first semester! Basically, classes were spent going over exams...well, not for me; I ended up only getting my AP Lit exam back. Some of my teachers haven't finished grading & others have to wait on people doing make up exams. No worries though, I'm sure I did fine. After school I got Starbucks & pizza with the other basketball managers before a game with one of our really big rivals. Thankfully, we won so we beat them TWICE this season. So epic.

Anyway, beginning tomorrow I'll be a worry-free second semester senior. This will be the first time in my life that I will have the chance to learn for the sake of it. No pressure about advancing to the next class or worrying about what college will choose me...they'll make their decisions based upon my first semester.  Essentially, I'll be living the good life. Ugh, cannot wait for this.


Shoe Fiend.

black & grey suede platforms - f21/black ankle boots & black studded oxfords - dolce vita for target/bronze oxfords - kohl's

These are all the shoes I've gotten since Christmas. So at this point in time I'm at about 40+ pairs...even though I ususally wear the same 5 or 6. I guess you could say I'm a little obsessed.


Back To School: 2011 Edition

urban top/target skirt/scarf from grammie/f21 earrings/target tights/h&m wedges

Wore this the first day back at school after  an amazing 2+ week break, filled with basketball games, relaxing, finishing college applications, and a very interesting New Year's Party. I got a demerit for my skirt & I must say, it was totally deserved and totally worth it. Everyone thought I had cut my hair, but no. It's in a side braid & hidden all up in the scarf. The day  itself wasn't too bad;  even though I miss being on break terribly, I don't completely hate being back at school.

P.S. It's absolutely obvious that I have an obsession with making kissy faces.