A Wonderfully Dreary Sunday.

blu reed top, levi's jeans, target flats, claire's earrings, f21 necklace

Today was pretty eventful despite the dreadful weather. I went to an Emory info session (SO IN LOVE WITH THAT SCHOOL) and afterwards, Target run with Mommy. Oh, fun fact - today was the first time all summer that I've worn jeans. I'd really consider myself more of a skirts, shorts, leggings kind of gal. Whatever though.

In other news, my younger brother, Nigel has named himself as official blog photographer. That picture above is what I call "Coolest Mistake Ever - Take 2"


Coolest Mistake Ever.

vintage blazer, target romper, tahari black patent platform pumps, claire's earrings

I had a mini-photoshoot with my brother, Nigel yesterday. He accidentally put his finger over the flash in one shot, and this is what came out. 


Bag Fail, New Bag?

Urban Outfitters, $78.00
Forever21, 34.80

Sooo, I received the Urban Outfitters bag a few days ago and I was surprisingly disappointed. The bag was flimsy and didn't seem worth the money; I'm planning to return it to the store tomorrow :(

On a happier note, today while browsing Forever21, I came across this bag. It's much cheaper, is more my style, and will probably last longer than the UO bag. Hopefully it turns out better than the UO bag.


S3Ni0R$ 2011;

I'm frightened, stressed, and terribly excited to finally be nearing the end of my high school career. This year I'll be taking: AP American Government, Honors Latin Literature, AP Literature & Composition, Women's Vocal Chamber Ensemble, AP Psychology, & Calculus. Between my pretty heavy schedule & college applications, I'm not really sure HOW I'll survive the first semester...probably with the aid of Starbucks, Monster, and Redbull. Hopefully it'll all go by quickly, but not too fast, I want to enjoy everything :)


Bon Weekend.

miley & max pocket tee, nike spandex shorts, f21 necklace, f21 earrings, blue moon glasses
target tank, silence & noise shorts, f21 necklace, f21 earrings, new glasses again
minnetonka kilty moccassins, worn with both outfits.

This weekend was the EPITOME of relaxing. I spent Friday night on/off napping and texting friends. On Saturday I ran errands with my mother and finally got my new glasses. Today I went out to eat with the mother, brother, and grandparentals. Oh, and I finally got more memory for my laptop so it runs hella fast. Tomorrow, it's back to work for me; thankfully, only one more week!

I have no idea what influenced the high/side bun, but I like it a lot.


Back To School 2010: The Bag

Just ordered this from Urban Outfitters. Originally, I wanted it in black but according to my mother "I have too much black and I need to make a change." Hmm, hopefully the bag is big/sturdy enough, cause my JanSport is finally beginning to fall apart.


Summer 2010.

grey zipper tee, urban outfitters floral skirt, f21 earrings
miley & max pocket tee, h&m floral bandage skirt, f21 earrings, target sandals
h&m romper, black wayfarer shades
miley & max pocket tee, denim shorts from a friend, f21 earrings
black wayfarers, from a friend
tortoise shell horn-rims, walmart

These past two months have included work, college visits (Harvard, BU, Emerson, Eugene Lang & Fordham), making moves/acting a fool with my girls, work, driving, a beach adventure, work, shopping, & did I mention work? With the month I have left, I'll have to finish up working, chill with friends, get schoolwork done & finish back to school shopping.

Also, so done with this phone picture business. I'm trying to get my brother on photographer duty ASAP. I'll see how that one goes.


Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself.

Hello everyone! It's me, Samantha and I'm back, this time to stay. Expect a huge update post very, very soon & a few changes to the blog itself within the next few days :)