Right on Target

Today I went to Target so my mom could buy some apple juice, and of course I made my way straight to the clothes to try things on. Within about five minutes I picked out a few really simple, but still cute items, none of which are a part of Jovovich-Hawk. The clothes are nice-looking, just not for me. I tried on two long shirts which I could wear as short dresses (being short does come in handy sometimes), a black cardigan, and a dark grey pair of leggings, because I already have grey tights. I put the stuff together in some simple, slightly generic outfits, but they seem good for relaxing on test days and whatnot. Here's pictures:

hanes tee shirt + bright red adidas= extra comfy practice
purple top w/ puffyish sleeves + dark grey leggings
blue tunic/dress thing + dark grey leggings
same outfit as above, with the black cardigan I found
Yes I know, nothing groudbreaking, but these outfit ideas will come in handy since the fourth quarter and finals are coming up in a little less than two months. Holyjeez, that means freshman year is almost over! Academically, that makes me happy as anything. Socially, I really can't say the same. I love just hanging around with people at school, especially since only one of my really good friends lives in my town.
During my next time at Target, I'll be sure to look for some amazing stuff. That'll probably mean traveling to the Isaac Mizzrahi(spelling?) section, and finding some really nice blouses, and skirts. That's it for today though, enjoy!


anna. said...

oooh 3rd is my fave!
btw organic apple juice is better.

Anonymous said...

hallooo missy (:

i spent the day finding the scraf. and unfortunately i can't find that on my mum's closet. hmpff.

and i love the outfits. especially the puffy blue one. and the red short is simply awesome. love it love it.

Olivia said...

Mm, I love Target. They had this gorgeous ivory cardigan for only seven dollars. Of course, I bought it. I also love Jovovich-Hawk. (: And your outfits. They are so chic.!

GC said...

I love the Jovovich-Hawk line and the third and fourth outfits look great on you!(yes I know they are basically the same)
Now I want some apple juice

Molly :] said...

I love the purple dress- gorgeous! :)