What A Great Friday.

On Friday, the teachers had all day meetings about the new schedule, so instead of getting the day of freshman, sophmores, and juniors had assemblies all day. Obviously, I wasn't excited. I figured it was going to be terribly lame, and I would be able to catch up on sleep or something. But to my surprise the speakers were pretty great for the most part and I had a lot of fun.

In the morning, we talked to Akin Salawu. He went to my school, and working in play and screenwriting, and did film-making and editing for Dreamworks, MGM, and a plethora of other production companies. He was also part of a grassroots campaign for Barack Obama. He's one of the founders of NJ for Obama (I think that's what it's called), and he's put together many inspiring videos for the campaign. It was really interesting to hear about the different things that he's done for the campaign. Since he's doing grassroots, most of the people he works with he doesn't personally know. To see some of the videos go www.youtube.com/akinscribe5
After a short break, we went to the band room, and we were showed a presentation of a man who works in forensics. His specialty was documents, and it was interesting but nothing amazing. He talked about the different things he did as far as proving the importance in documents, and talked about some past cases. Towards the end I almost fell asleep but overall it was great.

Finally, we had a panel discussion with some YA fiction authors that are friends with my english teacher. We spoke to Bob Krech, Thu Huong Ha, Daniel Ehrenhaft, and Kristin Kemp. Mr. Krech works in the public school system, and looked like he in his 40's maybe? I thought it was cool that he still with YA fiction, even though he was older. Thu is a sophmore at Princeton University, and she wrote her one and only book as a freshman in highschool. I liked her the best because I felt like I could relate to her the most as far as her age, and her sarcastic personality. Daniel Ehrenhaft, seemed to be a little awkward, but was really nice and funny. Kristin Kemp writes for CosmoGirl as well as writing books, she seemed uncomfortable talking to us, and honestly her book wasn't all that great, but she was polite. It was such an amazing opportunity to speak with all of these authors, because I'm really interested in writing myself. I really hope that my teacher brings in more of her friends, because I'd take author assemblies over schoolwork any day.

Rebound by Bob Krech

Hail Caesar by Thu Huong Ha

10 Things To Do Before I Die by Daniel Ehrenhaft

Breakfast At Bloomingdale's by Kristin Kemp


Secretista said...

Assemblies in High School rocked my world. And once you were let out you'd stall so you wouldn't have to go to class. AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I read Breakfast at Bloomingdales. Maybe its because I'm a boy, but it wasnt that interesting.