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1. I'm really short, just about 4'10 1/2 which is weird because people in my family aren't short. It makes life difficult sometimes because I can't reach a lot of things, but I get help. Ultimately I like being short though.

2. I completely despise singing for people. I'll admit it, I have a really good voice. Since I can sing though, people thing I'll just burst out in song with them, and that's definitely not the case. I get nervous really easily and singing for peers pretty much sucks, because a lot of people judge you, so I guess that's part of the reason why. But basically if you know me, you know not to ask me to sing for you.

3. I feel like I have OCD-ish tendancies. The last time my mom tried to load the dishwaher, she put things in the wrong place and I cried, hysterically. So now I'm in charge of the dishwasher and everything has it's own right place. I freak out about my pencil case a lot, the one time I lost it was the worst school day of the year, and my locker is really organized by size and type of school supply. On the other hand though, my room is an absolute mess, everything is everywhere, and I like my clothes best on the floor.

4. I love food, but I hate to eat. Chewing takes such a long time! But I would never stop eating food cause it tastes so darn good.

5. I've only recently started reading again. When I was younger, I read tons of books per week, and had a really advanced reading level. But as of now, I read a lot of teen fiction. The last book I read was 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It was really amazing, but chilling because it centered around a girl's suicide and the reasons why.

6. I could never have a real sit down job because I hate sitting and focusing. I want to do something where I'm out and about, a part of a lot of action, and always talking to people. Being an accountant or something of that sort would kill me, but more power to the people who do it.

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The Clothes Horse said...

I miss all the reading I used to do when I was younger!

Anonymous said...

hey! your blog is great. do you wanna link up? i just started mine so it still needs some work but its getting there.