Oh So Random.

I was bored and going through my phone when I found two pictures from last Saturday while I was at Kohl's. I found this adoreable highwaisted black pencil skirt. It was kind of plain, but had buttons at the top and a little indent thing. It's a little hard to explain. Sadly though, I couldn't buy it because the zipper was damaged.

bunched up & slightly awkward, yet sufficient

my typical peace-signing self & the adorable skirt

outfit for that day.


sexysandwich said...

sure! i linked you

great scraf/necklace by the way.

Secretista said...

Aww sooo sad! The skirt is too cute!!!!!!

Secretista said...


I wasn't as surprised to see the plush vagina. I had seen it on Tyra when it aired. It's just weird that it's in Seventeen. 11 year old girls read this magazine... I know I did. Sometimes Seventeen surprises me in ways I don't like. I think the magazine is a little different ever since Atoosa left. It's gunna take some getting used to.

saray said...

love the skirt!!

Stephanie said...

Aw that sucks about the zipper, I might try to find that skirt for myself though!

Tinsley said...

the scarf is great!

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

uau, lovely outfit :)

where are you from, girl?


Adele said...

Hey Sammie!
looks great!! i love the lil elephant? necklace! the last pic is my fav though =]x

Wendy said...

You're so cute!