Simple Sundays.

This weekend has been particulary uneventful, but mighty relaxing. Friday night was the choir concert, it was hot as balls at the chapel we performed in. What was worse was I had lacrosse practice two hours before, so I was tired and kind of sore. Nevertheless everything for Vocal Chamber went well, Women's choir sucked as usual, and the fanale was spectacular! Yesterday, I slept in and chilled, and talked to really good friend, that I happen to have a super major crush on. He told me that he'll most likely be coming back to my school in junior year, so that's pretty fantastic. Today, I did the little bit of homework I had, and I'm going to the mall to buy summer things and possibly some new books at Barnes & Nobles. Ehh, I really have nothing more to say, so I'll leave you with today's outfit.

plaid vest
white hanes tank top
black elephant pendant necklace
levi skinny jeans
red flip flops or gold flats


Olivia said...

I really like the vest! (:

btw, you've been tagged.

Secretista said...

I'm stealing that vest from you! K. Thanks!! <33 :P

Tinsley said...

i really love the plaid - my boyfriend wears it :) ill have to steal his shirts one day!