Outfits Galore.

Not much of a post today just what I've been wearing/doing lately.


plaid shirt: Old Navy (Men's Section)
skinny red studded belt: Forever 21
white ribbed tank: Hane's
black leggings: Target
black boots: Bare Feet shoes

I went to my best friend's 16th birthday party. We went to Charlie Brown's and then watched One Missed Call and Stepbrothers. Although there was a little bit of unecessary drama, overall it was ridiculous amounts of fun.


grey cardigan, black leggings: Target
The Love Makes Peace tunic, skinny red studded belt: Forever 21
black boots: Bare Feet Shoes

I did tons of homework (AP Bio lab, 146 math problems, etc), and then went to out to eat with my grandparents.


teal cardigan, black tunic, black leggings: Targe
printed scarf: my mother
black boots (not shown): Bare Feet Shoes

Just school. After school though I got to take a couple pictures with my friend's Nikon D60. It's SO nice. I can't wait to buy one this summer!

This one turned out decently:


grey cardigan, black ribbed tights: Target
white v-neck: Hanes
blue & black bandage skirt: H&M
skinny red studded belt: Forever 21
pewter ballet flats (not shown): no idea.

School again. I had an AP Bio test that pretty much wore me out for the rest of the day. I went home around 5, slept till 8, and finished my homework at 12:30. Now I can't get back to sleep. And by the way, my tights aren't ripped on purpose, I ran into things today.

Some general things I've noticed lately:
- I prefer leggings to "real pants" a.k.a. dark blue/black skinny jeans.
- I've traded pulling back my grown out bangs with a headband to braiding instead.
- I need more boots!

Because it's around 1 am, I guess I should go to bed considering I'll have school unless it snows more or there's tons of ice tomorrow. Good night!


Jenny H. said...

cute outfits.
i really like mondays and then the elephant necklace from tuesday.
thanks for the comment.
you have a cute blog as well!

May Kasahara said...

Love the outfits - especially Monday and Tuesday.

nikkimoose. said...

love the skinny red belt xo

keira antoia rose said...

Nice outfits. I like the belt, the plaid shirt, the skirt. And I do prefer tights to pants.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Ana said...

A mi me gusta your studded belt. :)

Lee Jones said...

i really like how you used the belt, these outfits are really flattering : )

Ana said...

Will you add my new blog to your links?

Katie said...

All your outfits are so cute, especially tuesday's.