Christmas Time Is Here.

Christmas time is here,
happiness and cheer,
fun for all that children call
their favorite time of year.
Snowflakes in the air,
carols everywhere,
olden times and ancient rhymes
and love and dreams to share.
Sleigh bells in the air;
beauty every where;
yuletide by the fireside
and joyful memories there.
Christmas time is here;
we'll be drawing near;
oh that we could always see
such spirit through the year,
such spirit through the year.
- Christmas Time Is Here; A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas has to be one of the most classic Christmas movies and that song is just absolutely beautiful.

Otherwise, it's December 3rd, and it's officially Christmas Time! With 22 days until the big day, of course I've already begun my christmas list. It's not really all too big this year, and no it's not because of the economy going down the dumps. There's plenty of things that I would like, but I'm considering more what I need than what I want.

Black Bow Flats - Payless, Grey Zipper Heels - Alloy.com, $15 iTunes Gift Card, Red & Black Plaid Shirt - Forever 21, Blue & Black Plaid Shirt Delia's, Minnetonka Hi-Tramper Ankle Boots, Pretty Little Liars Number 5 (Wicked).

What are you wanting/asking for?


yiqin; said...

Doesn't time pass SO quickly?!?! It's like, its gonna be xmas soon. THEN THE NEW YEAR!

keira antoia rose said...

I do love that song :) It's so pretty. The plaid shirts are nice, and so is the pair of grey heels!! I pretty much know what I'm getting for Christmas, because I picked them out! But I'm really excited about a patent teal purse that has patent teal rosettes on the top and a pair of moccasin/fur/boots!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

May Kasahara said...

I like those zipper heels :)