Baby It's Cold Outside.

With Monday being nice, warm, and almost 60 degrees, it's been quite disappointing that the rest of the week has been so cold. But hey, I guess that's New Jersey for you.

Anyways, today's outfit:

grey cardigan and black bandange skirt - Target
white v-neck - Fruit of The Loom
red flower headband + black elephant necklace - Forever 21
red, black, gold, and white scarf - from my friend Jacque
cable knit footless tights - no idea
red quilted & pointy toe flats - Steve Madden (from Marshalls)

Yes, I'm completely aware that my flats are completely beat up but I love them and really can't bear to get rid of them, it's sad really. Any suggestions on where to find ones like them?


May Kasahara said...

love the scarf and flats!!

Lee Jones said...

wicked red flats!!!

yiqin; said...

I like how you wear the scarf! The shoes are awesome <3

Anonymous said...

those tights are amazing - i loved textured tights!

La C.

talisha said...

this outfit looks amazing!
don't know where to get similar pair of (gorgeous) flats but who cares if they're beaten up? :P
you can still work it!

Song of Style said...

haha love the beat up flats.
and HEART the scarf!

Copycat Sasha said...

love the flats!

dara said...

i referenced you in my blog

love the outfit.