Tiggity Tagged.

So I've been tagged by Anna's Bizarre!
The rules are pretty simple. First list six quirks about yourself, then tag six others. Here it goes:
1. I just hit 4'11 this summer and I'm sixteen years old. This leads me to believe that I might still be growing, that's probably not true though.
2. I sing, and really well apparently? I've done two Eastern Regional Choirs and this past year I was finally eligible to do All State, that was AMAZING. I wanted to do nationals, but I didn't have time to try out sadly.
3. I'm a Halloween baby. Honestly, best birthday ever! I mean I get presents, free candy, cake, and unhealthy food in one large weekend extravaganza.
4. I have a ridiculous obsession with Chinese food, it's crazy. I could actually use some lo mein and dumplings right now.
5. I'm already picking prospective colleges and I'm a sophmore in high school. My number one school would be Columbia. I also like Princeton, Emory, and Cornell.
6. I'm ridiculously sarcastic; sometimes my best friends can't tell if I'm being serious. It's really, really fun though.
Yeah so there's six of my "quirks." Nothing particularly amazing, but it's the first thing I thought of. There's plenty more that I could add, so if you want to know more just ask?
And now for the taggings:
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3. Ana of Snazzy Fashion - http://snazzyfashion.blogspot.com
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yiqin; said...

Wow, I love dumplings too! I am chinese & I love western food! LOL

May Kasahara said...

Go Columbia Go!

Andy said...

new post on my blog :)
check it out !