Kanye West.

Kanye West. He's both loved and hated, there's really not much inbetween. Super cocky, but I guess he deserves it with the amazing music he makes. Unlike many hip hop artists, his music (usually) has a message to go along with it.

His new album 808s & Heartbreak is much different from his first couple albums but still great nontheless. Some favorites include Love Lockdown, Heartless, and Coldest Winter.

Not only is he a great artist, but he has a great sense of style as well and as of now serves for a little bit of inspiration, for me at least. Bright colors, blazers, cool sneakers, scarves, sweaters, are some of his signatures. Then there are the shutter shades, but those just happen to be completely ridiculous. I admit it though, I did have a pair at one point; the most worthless $3 I've ever spent.
Photo Cred: Google, The Sartorialist, Photobucket


Song of Style said...

yup, i listened to his entire CD and thought it was amazing.
the computer effect he does (that lil john lollipop effect)
is a litle too much and yea he sings too much but i love how he tries smtg different and did it quite well.
hate his cockiness but he deserves to be. lol
also, love his style. i think he said smtg like he is going to be in the fashion industry from now on(it was on his blog)

Secretista said...

He's always been fashionable.

Kenna said...

Hey, did you know his parents have Ph.Ds? He just tries to look ghetto. And I love his new CD!
(this is daydreambeliever off TV)