Birthday Money + 3 1/2 Days in The AC = New Clothes!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been superbusy. I spent three and a half days in The AC -- better known as Atlantic City, New Jersy. Considering I can't gamble or anything, most people would think it a little pointless to be there. Buttttt, I was there for the All State Mixed Chorus Concert. I basically sang my butt off a long with 300+ other sophmores - seniors. It was pretty amazing, and I met some pretty great people. The performance was Friday night, and it was SOSOSO good, and I'm doing it all over again next Sunday. Super excited for that.

Besides singing I went on the boardwalk, and spent the majority of my money on food. Especially at this great candy place called It's Sugar. I bought about 3/4 of a pound of gummy bears. They were so good - strawberry, blueberry, and pineapple. I did go shopping with my mother & brother on Saturday (today) though. I got lot of stuff, well not really. I bought a "fair amount" I guess you could say.
Take a look:

colored v-necks: Pac Sun
leopard print jeans: H&M
blue & black bandage skirt: H&M
gold-ish/bronze-y bag: Old Navy
tall black boots: Bare Feet Shoes

Oh yeah and I did get real presents besides money.
Look look look:

purple & grey plaid shirt: Pac Sun (from a friend)
purple & black scarf + black & white scarf: my grandmother
So now I'm home catching up on missed homework, and trying to to relax. The whole relaxing thing isn't working all too well though, I'm a little too hyper. I'll be back updating a ton more later though, hopefully at least.

Oh and on a different much more serious and amazing note, BARACK OBAMA IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I've been waiting to say this since about 2 years ago when he announced his running for office. As a young black person I now truly feel like I can do anything if I work hard for it. There's no more excuses now; the future leader of the country is black. The only more amazing thing would be a ticket with a female and a gay man, as said by my mother.Other than just being amazed I feel there is a revolution coming on. Change will come after these past eight years and I'm ready for it. The U.S. will hopefully regain its respect in the world. I'm extremely happy for this country to be made better in these next four years. I can't even explain my excitement for January 2009, it'll be amazing.


lulu_Amore said...

i love ur blog..
plus what you said about our next president was so well said/writen, is inspiring. ;-)

nv said...

i like all the purple stuff, very cuuute

yiqin; said...

I am glad obama won too! Hahah everybody in Singapore was ecstatic too.

Anna Shapiro said...

cute stuff.

i tagged you btw.

Style Society. said...

i am very happy about our next president!

by the way my blog's url has changed

its onlyfortheobsessed.blogspot.com

thanks :)

ooohmaureen said...

i like your blog :) x