Not Much To Say.

Just an oufit. I'm a little ashamed that I was too lazy to put pants on today. Notsogood. On the other hand, I was super comfortable and everyone just assumed that I was wearing leather pants anyways.

purple & grey plaid shirt: Pac Sun
long lace tank top: some rich lady giving away clothing
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
black bow headband: Forever 21
black rose earrings: Forever 21
shiny black leggings: Target
It's ridiculous how much I wear that black headband, but I love it.


super cute heels: Forever 21
I bought them for a Sweet Sixteen I'm going to this Friday (woohoo!). Surprisingly, they're extremely comfy so I don't think I'll have any problems standing or dancing. I'm just excited for the party; I'll finally have a good reason to dress up, wear makeup, and dance.


Naoko said...

Nice blog, lovely outfit. You're beautiful!

yiqin; said...

Are those heels comfortable?!?! I have always wanted to get them!

MONAE. said...

cute shoes... yes are they comfortable?!