Shiny Leggings Make Any Day Brighter.

Today happened to be super uneventful. Well except for this really moving assembly we had today about race, discrimination, violence prevention, and personal identity. Thankfully I got over the lame part of the day because I got to wear my new shiny latex leggings today! They added quite a shine to my day and apparently everyone else liked them too, even some boys. Haha.

The Outfit:

black tunic: Target
silk scarf: from a friend
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
shiny black latex leggings: Target
gold flats (not shown): from Grandma
for more info on the assembly go here: www.michaelfowlin.com


Anonymous said...

i love ur marc jacobs header!! lovely!.. yah, nice shiniez..

yiqin; said...

Ah I lvoe how your leggings seem to have glitter on them. Lovely.

Mary said...

shiny leggins? bish pleease... you're too cool for life
love em.

chnch said...

love your leggings.:)

Copycat Sasha said...

Who needs anything else when you've got great leggings like those??

Kirke said...

niice leggings!

Merily said...

They do, I agree.

Nay'Chelle said...

I like the glitter running through them. They really brighten up one's day. haha

Anonymous said...

sparkly leggings? i think i'm in love. i've seen one of my friends with these odd blue ones on, but i totally want black sparkly onee, they remind me of the early 2000s when i had black sparkly sneaks

handbagsdealer said...

i love your pictures! you look so lively :)

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Eelie said...

You are so right. Shiny leggings DOOO Make your day feel better.

Hope your weekends been going fabulous too hun!

SHE KNOWS said...

love your braclets! and i love those leggings!