(Almost) A Week In Outfits - Attempt #2

Just a few outfits from this week. Hopefully this actually works this time?


animal print hoodie: Forever 21
strapless purple dress: Forever 21
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
black scarf: Mommy!
faux snakeskin silver flats: Target

white v-neck: Hanes
teal tank: Old Navy
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
black bow headband: Forever 21
printed silk scarf: friend Jacque
black skinnies: Pac Sun
Supercool Leather Jacket!

Given to me by grandma about two years ago? It's ridiculously comfy and even though I lost it for the longest time I absoultely love it.
floral tunic: Target
mock denim leggings: Target
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
bronze headband: Grandma
I had the day off for Yom Kippur! So I chilled at home and did homework. Then that night, I went to the mall with my mom to buy a couple things for the Sweet Sixteen I would be attending Saturday night. There's more about later though.

Saturday Part 1:
I had honor choir rehearsal 8:30 to 12 and like the first two times the music was absolutley beautiful. We were tested on even more music (gross), and then chose roomates for the All-State performance weekend. I'm rooming with a friend I did All Eastern Choir with, and two other girls from her school. I'm thinking that it'll be pretty fun even though I miss my really good friends' birthday party. Hmm, there's always next year though.
white v-neck: Fruit of the Loom
teal tank top: Old Navy
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
scarf: Mommy!
cuffed darkwash skinny jeans: Easy Pickins

Saturday Part 2:
I was invited to a Come As You Aren't themed Sweet Sixteen. Basically you were supposed to stereotype yourself and dress as the opposite. It took me the longest time to think about an idea because I've never ever put myself into a stereotype, but two days before I finally thought of one. I figured that I'm pretty girl, so I chose to go as a skater/tomboy. I still kept to my oversized pearl and elephant necklace staples but added in some things that I'd never normally wear.

Needless to say, it was a ridiculous amount of fun. It was pretty small with only about 20 or 30 people, but I had a lot of fun. Some people came up with really good ideas, and others dressed pretty normally. The parents were probably the best though! They all had super-elaborate outfits.
My Outfit
yellow hoodie: Roxy (from Marshalls)
loose grey v-neck: Target
ridiculously cool fitted: Pac Sun
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
darkwash skinny jeans: Zan Di
black white & pink etnies: Journeys - from way back in 6th grade

So that's been my week. Sorry for the crappy picture quality, I'm stuck with using my Blackberry until I get a new one and I have no idea when that's going to be. Possibly for my birthday? Maybe, hopefully.


yoncto said...

great party idea!

NewYorkChique said...

i like all of it!
and the silver flats are darling, ive wanted to get a pair for forever

issa said...

adorable outfits!! i have those 'denim' tights from target too!

LS said...

Love your pick of those colorful printed scarf! Some of them are in boho style too! In fact more and more Hollywood celebrities wear the same sort of colorful scarves like Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba and many others. I think scarf is a great accessory as they can match up with different outfits! Good Job girl !

Btw, would you like to do links exchange with my blog?

Sandra L from www.dresslikestarz.com