10 Days? Oh Yeah.

Guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat?! My birthday is in 10 days; I'll finally be 16. I'm superexcited for that. It'll be Halloween, I'll get new things, and I'll be sixteen! I'm not really expecting all that much just money, gift cards, and maybe some clothes? Ultimately I'd love to get a Nikon D60, but those dreams were already dashed. I have to buy one with my own money. Boo. Thank goodness I have a summer job though.

Even though Halloween falls on a Friday this year, I'm not going to have a party that day. I'll got trick or treating with my friends and to this Halloween dance at school. Hopefully that won't be lame. A lot of people don't want to go to the dance because it's right on Halloween. The day after though, I'll have honor choir reherasal and that night my party! Originally I wanted to go to Fright Night but eventually that got to be way to difficult. Instead I'm planning on going to Cheesecake Factory and a movie with ten of my friends. I have a feeling that'll turn out to be a lot of fun.

Birthday Shnaz - Things I hope to buy with birthday money:

It's not a lot because I really don't need much clothing-wise. I hope to get books and some things that I wouldn't expect because I absolutely LOVE surprises.

And Today's Outfit (kind of boring, I know):

white v-neck: Hanes
magenta tank top: Old Navy
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
supercolorful scarf: MommaDukes.
black overdye skinny jeans: Pac Sun
dark grey pointy-toe flats: Kohls

Hmm, am I the only one that wears a ridiculous amount of bracelets everyday?

Lately I've kind of been in a rut lately as far as outifts and it sucks a little. With a mix between the cold, AP Bio studying, and other ridiculous amounts of homework I've had no inspiration. I've been basing everything around comfort and warmth. Basically that comes down to wearing v-necks, tee shirts, and scarves. Hopefully though, I'll get used to all those things and bring back some good outfits.


Raggamuffin said...

the scarf!
i wont call it boring darl :)

Eelie said...

lol you're so welcome! Your friend totally looks like her atleast what i THINK Lady Sovereign looks like haha. Its been a while you see :(

AWWWW. You're a little young-un :P So young and yet so fashionably savvy :) I like those polyvore gold tights. I hope you get them ;)

EEEEEH. The library sirens gone off lol.

g2g. I'll be back to finish this tomorrow :)

Have a swell rest hun

drinkupthefashion said...

that is definitely pretty cheap. when are you going to wear it? and everything you want to buy looks really nice. i'm leaning more towards the purple buffalo check than the green though. and i'm loving those purple skinny jeans...and the purple v neck. i like purple.

issa said...

scarves liven up any outfit!!

yoncto said...

nope, i wear an insane amount of bracelets too =]
well not insane, but i wear a lot.