I've never really listened to Lyyke Li, but the video for her song I'm Good I'm Gone is free on iTunes this week. Both the song and the video are really good.
See/hear for yourself:
*I tried to upload the actual video four times and failed miserably. So that's the link*
In other news I finally got some super shiny latex leggings. I've wanted a pair for the longest time and I was saving up to buy a pair from American Apparel, but I came across a pretty decent pair at Target. Yeah I know of all places Target, crazy right? But hey it's all good. I don't have a picture now but I'll get one soon.

& a few pictures from the Come As Your Aren't Sweet Sixteen:

Emily a.k.a Lady Sovereign

Jasmin a.k.a Ghetto Girl & Emily again

Christine a.k.a. Azn Paris Hilton


Jenny H. said...

thankss so much!
im so glad you liked the photoshoot.
yeah my friends are gorgeous. they did so well!

drinkupthefashion said...

you got latex leggings?! i've been looking for some affordable ones for the longest while. how much were they at target? i might not get them because i'm broke right now anyway, but i'd still like to know. make sure to take pictures soon.

Eelie said...

AAAAHHHH! People always mention the accent! And i don't get it :( haha

Your pictures are so cute. Lady Sovereigns the artist right? Because i think one of her tracks made it onto NZ radio last year. You know her? Like a bonafide celbrity-like person? Your friends are gorgeous and you are so sweet hun.

Hope you're having a fabulous start to this week :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, cute pictures.