So Lately.

Oh my goodness, school has been pretty crazy so far. I mean we have classes from 8:30 to 3:05, but the days seem to last forever! Hmm, that's probably because we have so many breaks. We have 2 classes then a break for morning announcements/free time, two more classes then another break for about 25 minutes for lunch, then our last two classes and then we go home. It's pretty ridiculous, but overall school is good. I love seeing my friends EVERY day, not just when we're free. So here's a couple outfits from this week. 


black oversize cardigan: Target
white ribbed tank: Hanes
grey high waist skirt: Target
red flowered headband: Forever 21
chain-link scarf (as a belt): Jacque
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
* not shown: gold gladiators


loose grey v-neck: Target
printed scarf: also from Jacque
hermosa super skinny jeans: Pac Sun
black bow headband: Forever 21
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
* not shown, gold ballet flats

Oh wow, I just realized how much Forever 21 I wear. But hey, it's cheap and I'm always broke so it's all good!


yoncto said...

cute headbands!

EMS said...

i love the first outfit, gorgeous
and yher i'd love to swap links

ooohmaureen said...

cute outfit :) x

lara said...

Really really cute outfit!! The elephant is great! I widh there was a forever21 in germany

Anonymous said...

Yeah I wear forever21 all the time, and my friends make fun of me, cuz they think its a girls store... but they have a guys section called Heritage 1981 within the store so... but anyways, yeah its really cheap and trendy. Its the best place to mix and match for less.

Secretista said...

Fabulous. Enjoy Sophomore year!

Ana said...

Ugh school is insane. And Forever21 is great. Helps out those of us who love fashion but cant afford thousand dollar gowns.

merve said...

heyy :D
i love your elephant necklace and forever 21, too, but here in germany there are just a few stores and so.. i shop at zara, h&m, mango and vero moda (:
i like your blog, and i think you'd like my blog, too..
so here's the link.. if you want to, you can just drop over (;



bear said...

so cute!

Shoshi said...

I love wednesday's outfit, the headband is gorgeous! I'm linking you ;) Great blog!