It's Official, I'm A Sophmore.

On Friday I received my class schedule for the 08-09 year! It's so exciting because it's now completely official, I am a SOPHMORE! The only bad thing is that I have no idea what my real class order is because class order changes every letter day and I don't have all of my classes every day.

This year I'll be taking:
Honors Latin III
AP Biology
Women's Vocal Chamber Ensemble
Modern European History
Algebra II
English II
*Driver's Ed, AP Bio Lab, Study Hall*

I think the best thing about this year is that we finally got a new schedule because a lot of classes would run at the same time. Because the class times change daily now it makes class conflicts were much easier to absolve. At first I wanted to take History of American Science and Medicine, but because of my language course, I opted to take Modern European History and it wasn't much of a problem. Well, except for the fact that I don't really want to take the class but whatever gets me into AP US History, hahah.

The next best thing is that I have a study hall almost every other day! Last year I didn't have a study hall because I took an elective- Women's Vocal Chamber- and I also took Women's Choir. Classes begin on Monday, and I really think they're going to be great, my teachers are the bomb, and I have friends in all of my classes. So what classes are YOU taking this year?


Anonymous said...

Well me? i go to this "Exceptional" school for nerds called the IA and Im taking:

Theory of Knowledge
IB English
Integrated Math
IB Biology
IB Spanish 3
IB History
*Product Team (Where you manage a snack bar, or a newspaper for the school, and get graded for it)

Its a little interesting, but every night is Homework and despair. OMG.

EMS said...

gosh your subjects seem har choises.
well i live in england so mine are slightly different.
Child Development

Kinsey said...

congrats! your sophmore.
here is what I'm taking at the moment...we only have 4 classes a semester.
Human Anatomy
french 3 honors
Art 2
British liturature

I loved taking Algerbra 2! I took it my sophmore year also. I love algerbra and hate geometry..that could be because I disliked my creepy teacher.

miss fashion said...

i always think it so exciting to get your schedule and get ready to go back to school.

come look at my blog:

donna AND navaz said...

Aaah, this makes me nostalgic for my school days. But I'm glad I'll never have to sit an exam EVER again! Nice that you enjoy school tho.


Anonymous said...

oh man i'm a sophomore too! except the classes i have are:
AP Euro History
Chemistry/ Gym
Advanced English
Math 3
Child Development

i used to have ninth period free, but i decided to fill it with child development. i wish i left it open:(

Mary said...

You are so smart to take latin, I regret not taking it severly! It is an incredible language, and you are incredibly smart.

Eelie said...

Eek i'm glad i don't study in America. The schooling jargon seems far too much lol. I'm sure it really isn't though but through this foreigns' mind it does :) I've scoured your blog and you are seriously a cutie and seem so lovely :)

Jenny H. said...

im a sophomoree as well!

im taking

ap world history
honors chemistry
honors english
algebra 2
latin 3
spanish 3
global scholars
community service...

i think thats it. i have the busiestt schedule. UGH.

Eelie said...

PS, thankyou for your sweet comment, i'm very much elated also to hear the news!

I'm a bit clued up on this sophomore term lol and congrats on this new school year. High school right? Regardless, i wish you all the best for your studies. You seem to be a very lovely chicka :)

MWah.fashion said...

congrats on being a sophomoree :] (i am too!)

i take
orchestra 2
spanish 2
honors european studies
honors english
ib math 1

Richel said...

I'm also a sophomore! It's crazy being one!