First Day of School, First Day of School!

Today was my first official day of school and honestly, it couldn't have been better. I'm so happy to be a sophmore & to see everyone. Oh, and I LOVE pretty much all of our new kids.

Because the seniors and freshman left for their retreats yesterday, the rest of us didn't have regular classes. The sophmores (that's my grade), worked on different community service projects, and workshops and I believe the junior began planning Prom.

So, early in the morning, we broke into our homeroom groups, and got to work. In the morning, my group sorted and organized school supplies that would be put into backpacks for foster children. After we finished with that, we had a workshop with this guy from FCD (Freedom from Chemical Dependancy) and were lectured about drugs & alcohol from people. It was interesting because he actually did drugs and alcohol and had a serious addiction but it was such a long program. Then we had lunch, and did another workshop where we watched different videos about different things like greed, fairness, being polite, and discussed each video.

The day was great, but really tiring because we spent around two hours on each activity. Hopefully, tomorrow will go by a little faster though because my homeroom will be working outside laying down sod for the baseball field, and making the playground look all nice for the pre-schoolers, haha. I'm not really excited for that so much because it's going to be HOT, around 90 degrees and I don't do very well in heat.
The Outfit:

grey v-neck: Target
printed scarf: MamaDukes (Mommy)
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
black bow headband: Forever 21
dark wash skinny jeans: Zan-Di @ Burlington Coat Factory
* oh, and I wore black flip flops

Fun Photos:

Action Shot! Hah, my friend stole my phone and took this after I worked at n00bz orientation. I look a little terrible, but it's okay:
white v-neck: Hanes
yellow tank: Old Navy
printed scaf: Jacque (mah friend)
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
black soffe-like shorts: Under Armour
*Hmm, I'm wearing the bow headband, but my hands are on my head.


keira antoia rose said...

Great job working the scarfs! The first scarf is sooo pretty.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

getting-freaky said...

Nice scarf, and the headband is superrr

luceeey said...

OO alove the elephant necklace :D

Anonymous said...

Very cute, love the scarf!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could post more, honestly! I really need to focus on school, dance, and college applications, but think of it as you’ll get nice long post each week.

And thanks for reading it, really. It means a lot.

Gabsterr said...

cute scarf!