Goodbye Sweet Summer.

Today is September 2nd, 2008 and it was my last official day of summer. Tomorrow I will be waking up at 5:30, arrive at school at 7:30 and give tours to new students. Now, seeing as today could be considered such an epic day, I thought well maybe I should find a party to go to or hang out with friends, but I opted not to. Instead I stayed home with my brother all day, and then went to the mall with both my mom and my brother in the evening.

Even though I'm sad that my summer is over, I'm happy to see people at school, and meet new people. Most of you probably don't understand my giddiness, but there are around 86 people in my whole grade so when there are new people, it's a pretty big deal.

Top Four Reasons My Summer was AMAZING:
1. Work! - Over the summer I worked as a camp counselor, and honestly it was the best eight weeks of my year so far. I made friends to last pretty much a lifetime, and I loved my kids to death; plus the fact I was finally able to make my own money.
2. Not having homework! <3
3. Actually getting along with my brother - Ever since I was little, my brother and I would rarely get along and we'd get into huge fights. More often than not, they involved throwing brushes, chairs, and cellular devices but we've toned it down a lot and had some pretty good times.
4. Seeing The Dark Knight - I'm usually not much of a movie-goer but I'm SO glad I saw this. Honestly, it was one of the best movies I've ever seen. Heath Ledger playing The Joker totally stole the show. It was amazing.

I know it's a pretty short list, but those four things honestly made my summer really spectactular and special. It was my best so far. In conclusion, so long sweet summer I'll miss you dearly but it's okay, school will be great! Especially since I'm no longer a freshman. Wish me luck ladies (and gentlemen?).


Nay'Chelle said...

Seeign hte dark knight was one of my favorite things this summer too. you have one more day than me though. Glad your summer was a blast!

Mary said...

Good luck! I went back today.... for one class. God I love university bahah..

Isn't making your own money one of the greatest feelings in the world?

yiqin; said...


Ah its my hols now & I need a job badly if not I'll just be lazing around..