Stuntin` Is a Habit.

Agh, Friday was such a good day. The whole camp went to Fun Time America. It's basically an indoor mini-amusement park; it's kind of like Chuck-E-Cheese, but so much better. Instead of watching the kids like hawks as usual, us counselors were having fun as well. We played this extremely huge game of laser tag, and my team won by 6 points. It was ridiculous, we were all either running around and chasing eachother or hiding waiting to take a shot from the perfect spot. Then we went on a motion simulator that took place in the future in a high speed chase. So basically, we were flying everywhere and falling out of the seats because there were handles, but no seatbelts. It was so much fun though.

There were also bumper cars, a himalayas ride, and those typical basketball and racing games and things of that nature. It was just fantastic, haha. Also, they had this little booth selling tons of overpriced items to the kids. Included were those ridiculous pairs of Kanye West shutter shades. As impractical as they are I as well as half of the people there bought a pair. Mine are cute though, they're hot pink! Haha, one of my favorite colors besides purple.

Overall, it was just a fantastic day, and next week we're going into New York City to go to the Museum of Natural History. I have a feeling that'll be a mess. There's over 200 kids in the camp, and I'm really not sure how we're gonna control all of them in a place like a museum. Hopefully it'll turn out alright though.

Oh wait, my brother finally fixed the webcam on our computer so now I can photobooth whenever I want! And yes I did take quite a few pictures on it today. It's one of my favorite passtimes. Yes, I know I'm a little bit of a loser for that.

Post-Work Outfit:

Kanye Glasses:

Other Stunna Shades:


Fashion Addict said...

That sounds like you had a lot of fun! I wish there were things to do like that where I lived! And going to New York City sounds exciting as well!

BTW, would you like to do a link exchange with my blog?

Jenny H. said...

hahahaha i know!
isnt it funny how much their style has changed?

thankss for the comment girl.

Anonymous said...

stuntin' is a habit! haha. i love that song. it's very addictive.

and it sounds like you had a ton of fun! so lucky!

and i actually just bought those shades yesterday! haha. there was a kiosk at the mall and me and my sister got a pair. she got the exact same color you have! i got ones in black. i think i'll take a picture in them and post it up too! haha. =)

Anonymous said...

yeah! i know. they are addictive. i wanted a white one too. and the kiosk also had shutter shades in the wayfarer shape and even heart shaped shutter shades. and they even had the half shutter shades with lenses! ahhh. i think i might go back and get those! =)

Jay said...

I wish i was a camp helper{ my time away from school has been very shitty{ but reading this made me hope for next Sum. but yeah your shades are fly}

mary said...

Have fun in New York for me, I bet it'll be great. I wish I could just go to New York at random, ahah.
The Kanye glasses... wow, you're the first I've seen to pull them off without looking foolish.

Wabie Babie said...

Omadazee wha a coinki-dink...[lol]..i have a pair of shutters and a pair of rays...buh my shutters r black..x