So Far.

I have pretty much everything that I'll need as far as clothes this school year, but there's always more you can add.

Some of the Things I have:
blazers (1 black, 1 navy, 1 olive green)
cardigans (1 teal, 1 black, 1 navy, 1 light green, 1 purple&grey)
skinny jeans (2 black, 2 darkwash)
ballet flats (1 gold, 1 silver)
rainboots (cheetah prints)
high waist skirts (1 grey, 1 floral&rprinted, 1 plaid)
tank tops to layer (more than I can count)
oversize vests (1 cheetah print, 1 mudcloth, 1 black, 1 plaid)
tunic tanks (1 grey, 1 cream, 2 white)
sandals (1 black, 1 gold)
v-neck tee shirts (15 white)
pendant necklaces (1 elephant, 1 heart)
scarves (6 printed)
hoodies (1 yellow, 1 gold, 1 purple)
belts (1 brown, 2 black, 1 red)
school bags (1 black pantent with laptop case, 1 cloth black & tan printed)
large handbag (1 black)

What I still need:
sweet kicks - I found a pretty cool pair: http://i34.tinypic.com/s6sv8o.jpg
gold gladiator sandals
bandage skirt - Target actually has some decent ones
purple skinny jeans
a zebra print v-neck tee
a bright bag - either teal or yellow
new camera - Canon Powershot

So that's basically it. I should be able to buy this new stuff since I received my last paycheck yesterday. It was the last day of camp and pretty much amazing. I took tons of pictures, but I can't show any of them because my camera began to crap up again. Now I can only take pictures, not review or upload them. It sucks, but hopefully I'll get a new one soon.


yiqin; said...

That is actaully quite alot of stuffs to me! & I want to see your blazers & rainboots! I want cheetah prints as well but opted for whales print later :0

Nay'Chelle said...

That's quite the list! I actually have a back to school shopping list that I carry around with me in case I ever do impromptu shopping. I've started actually working on getting items from my list today though.

Love the sweet kicks!

Ana said...

You have a lot of stuff already so thats good. This post reminds me of how badly I need to go shopping lol.


ooohmaureen said...

thanks! i like your blog :) x

Anonymous said...

ooh you have cheetah print rainboots:) wanna switch links?

mary said...

I need to inventory my stuff! I'm all about buying and egtting rid of stuff and trying to be minimalist but it never works.

Put camera at the top of your list though! I'll miss not seeing pictures of your outfits!

getting-freaky said...

the kicks are very very very cool!

getting-freaky said...

haha thank you thank you thank you.. is it okay that i tagged you? x