A bunch of stuff I bought last Tuesday & Wednesday.

black & gold headbands - Target
cheetah print headband - J. Crew


oversized pearls - Target


Both scarves are from my friend Jacque (Jack-ee). She bought them during her summer in Bangkok. I must say, that's extremely cool.

Golden Gladiators:

After almost two years of wanting them, I finally got gladiators! They were only $15 at Easy Pickins'.

ME! Being cute like usual, haha.

I'm wearing both my earrings and my new gold headband. Also, the grey v-neck is new too.
So, as of now I'm done with my back to school shopping list. I'm gonna save the sweet kicks (look three posts down), and the new camera for my birthday; I mean, it's only two months away. In the meanwhile, I'll be taking pictures with my cellular.


Richel said...

fun scarves!

WendyB said...

Great gladiators.

ohwhatcanido said...

very cute buys, and love those scarvess!
and thankyouu for the comment on my posttt<3

corey. said...

love the scarves.

wanna link up?[blog roll]

Jenny H. said...

i lovee the gladiators.
and i almost bought that cheetah headband in j.crew today!

mary said...

Those glads are so bad as... you will loook like you're walking in heaven!

And you are beyond cute!

Anonymous said...

those are really cute scarves! i love shopping from street vendors in foreign countries, haha
and those headbands are so cute

Nay'Chelle said...

Great sandals. Very nice buys altogether.

chlozzard said...

i love the scarves and the gladiators :)