Target Time!

So after toying with my camera for pretty much all of Saturday, I made it work decently. Miraculously, the greying subsided so I can see what I'm taking pictures of and it just works a whole lot better. Anways, on Sunday I convinced my mother to take me to Target so I could attempt to start back to school shopping and find some cheap school supplies. Thankfully, my trip was successful; I was able to find some school supplies, a couple locker accessories, and most important of all, clothes!

The Outfit:

white v-neck - Hanes
silk scarf - Mommy
black elephant necklace - Forever 21
dark wash skinny jeans - Zan Di Jeans -- Burlington Coat Factory
gold ballet flats - L.E.I. -- Grandma

As far as the new clothes, I got two skirts and two cardigans. I spent a while just playing around mixing and matching them in the dressing room.

the buys:
black v-neck 3/4 cardigan
teal long-sleeve cardigan
grey high waisted skirt
floral mini skirt

And finally, the school supplies!

As you can see, I'm pretty much in love with Spiderman. He's my favorite super hero, he always has been. Hmm, as of now I just feel ridiculously excited, I have new school supplies, new clothes, and a (mostly) working camera. Life is certainly sweet at the moment.


Kinsey said...

Let me start by saying Target equals love! I love that store. Cute outfits! I really like all of them! School suplies! School starts next week for me and I still havn't bought anything. I want a Chronicles of Narnia note book and folders, but I dout I will find such things. Go SPider-man I used to be crazy about that hero!
- kinsey

Anonymous said...

oooh! i really love the grey high-waisted skirt. how is it? is it comfortable? is it a zipper closure? i kind of really want it! hehe.

and the chloes weren't that bad. they were 99 bucks! down from six hundred and fifty. isn't that insanity? i was so happy i scored it at such a cheap price compared to the original price. =)

mary said...

LOVE all the outfits, but the first skirt one has extra pizazz and my beloved elephant necklace, SO lovely.
I love school supplies so much! I collect stationary because I am OCD / a freak, and the lack of it in university saddens me
What grade are you going into again?

Biianca said...

nice stuff!!! I am trying to convince my dad to take me there tomorrow!
I really like the grey skirt and all the school supplies!

Nuevarine aka, KrisTeezy said...

Geez, I envy your style. Keep the inspiration coming, gal.

Nay'Chelle said...

Great skirt and notebooks! I'm excited/dreading shopping for school supplies.

Jay said...

I cant wait to go school shopping}