Money In The Bank.

I received my first paycheck on Monday! It was only $225 but hey, money is money. I took out a little less than half ($100) and went shopping with one of my best friends, Jasmin yesterday. There were so many things that I was pining over, but I kept it to the bare essentials; jeans, a purse, and a wallet. They're all amazing!

Sadly though, I can't take any pictures because I broke my camera. Long story short, I had a pretty crazy incident with exploding applesauce. Dayum. I guess I could buy one with my next paycheck? Hopefully.

Well tata for now, I have to get ready for my mom's best friend's birthday party tonight. Peace.


So I figured since I can't post outfits for a while, I might as well do something interesting. So ask me any question that you'd like and I'll answer in the next post!


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Money is money! My question: How did applesauce kill your camera? =)

One Eighteen said...

No!!! You wasted applesauce!!!


yiqin; said...

Ahhhh when I recieved my paycheck, even though it was not mcuh, I was so excited too!hahaha the feeling of spending the money I have earned is so good

ANGST said...

Paychecks are glorious, aren't they?
I must say, I admire your style, love.
Question: What EXACTLY were you doing with that applesauce?

Nay'Chelle said...

Score! I', stille tring to get a job. Nice job kiling the camera with applesacue.

Anonymous said...

Can you make an collage of your favorite scarfs for us at lucy-fashion.blogspot.com? We will add a link to your blog then!

Biianca said...

hahahaha well,I hope you get a camera soon, i wanna see your new buys!!!

to answer your question about the tights....I put pieces of cardboard in the tights first to prevent the paint from bleeding through, then I meaured 3/4 of an inch down the middle of the side of the tights and I put two thick pieces of tape on the tights 3/4 of an inch apart and I painted in the middle, the tape made it so the lines were straight...AH, that was so confusing, sorry, if you still dont understand ask me and i'll draw you a diagram on paint or something.lol

Honeymoon said...

Let's exchange links !

See u !

Secretista said...

Paychecks make me happy. :) MONEY makes me happy. Hmm. That reminds me, I have to deposit my check.

NewYorkChique said...

looove the blog
haha but sorry about your camera
would you like to link?


my dear Sammie

before i go to bed, i wanted to warn my friends : be aware ! my last photos could give you the desire to fall in love with Paris and move in ! lol.

cheers from Paris

Let's keep in touch !


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