Happy (Belated) Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! Yes, I know I'm a little late, but I had things to do. Instead of doing the usual cookout and fireworks, my mother and I went to see Wall-E and it was adorable! I would suggest it for kids & their parents but I'm not really sure how much teenage boys would like it though. My brother absolutely refused to go see it and he's thirteen. Instead of going to see the fireworks, we watched them from home because of the on and off rain. They were still great though!

The Outfit:
white crew-neck tee: Hanes
yellow tank top: Old Navy
scarf: my mother
stop global warming + argonauts bracelet
denim cutoffs: made them
gold sandals (not shown): Old Navy


Secretista said...

I was going to go see WALL-E, but my gal pals and I decided to go see Hancock instead. It was so good!! OMG!! You need to go see that movie, ASAP!

Jay said...

ah i really like the scarf[

Fashion Chic said...

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Anonymous said...

happy 4th of july to you as well! i was wondering how wall-e was. my little sister said why would anyone watch it there are only robots in it. haha...

Anonymous said...

ooh! i went to the movies as well. i saw get smart. i suggest you see that! it was a really funny movie. =)

Meanshots22 said...

u are definately on ur scarf game. keep up the good work. stay fly.

Honeymoon said...

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You are the scarf QUEEN.


Fashion Ivy said...

I like the scarf

Sharifa said...

you have the cutest scarves!!!

Danz said...

I love your scarf!! Thanks for your comment darling, would you like to trade links?

Honeymoon said...

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One Eighteen said...

wat em upz!!!
just showin your blog some more love


Anonymous said...

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Jenny H. said...

i loveee your scarf.
i have one like that... you have inspired me to dig it out.

Style Addict said...

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