Nine + Three

So just a tiny update. I have nine more full days of school! So these last nine days will be spent diligently studying for tests and quizzes, and trying to get the bangin-est grades before school is out. After that I have three days of final exams. Thankfully, all three of those days will be dressdown days, and I can leave as soon as I'm finished. On the other hand though. I have two days of two exams, and one day of one. So there's really only one day that I can leave early, darn. But anways all of this information is important because it means that I'll be back soon! So I'll be back soon, with an update that will probably include an outfit.

Tata for now Ladies,


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u can make it sister...Just a hello, do check me out one day when u can rawdawgbuffalo and if u like what u read, please comment and fell free to
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Cate said...

i know what it's like...i have lots of exams right now too. i only study for those that matter ;-)
i wish you smashin' grades!!!

Adele said...

good luck with your exams!!

Secretista said...

Two words, school sucks.


mary said...

I feel ya.
I have like two weeks left and then I am FREEE FOREVER.. until university in the fall. Haha, crap.