Since last year I've heard a lot about polyvore, and "polyvoring" but I never really knew what it was about. I recently just started using polyvore, and it's a lot of fun. Here are some of the sets that I've done.

Something that I'd wear just hanging out on weekends.

An outfit that could very possibly be my costume for halloween as a hipster. i'll probably swap out the sandals for a pair of flats or beat up converse.

A ton of things that I want to buy for the summer.

Somthing that I'd wear on a normal school day.


Danz said...

lol you'll wear that elephant necklace with just about anything huh? I love the purple and gold combination, that always looks good.

mary said...

I need that necklace, I need those sandals, I need that vest.
I love how simply yet quirky your outfits are instead of a cluttered jumble of crap like most peoples, you play off certain pieces so well.

Nice blog!

Ana said...

Polyvore is fun. Addictive. aha.

Sharifa said...

the elephant necklace & the striped vest is sooo cute.
i should start polyvoring too:)
i linked you btw!

Always In Style said...

Those ASOS sandals are amazing!