I'm coming up on my last three weeks of freshman year everything has been unbelieveabley stressful. I have a 7 page history paper due Monday, a Science project due Wednesday, and plenty of tests and quizzes leading up to final exams. I'd love to be able to update more, but there just isn't enough time in the day for me to do my homework and to write this blog, respond to comments, and look at other people's blogs. That being said, I guess for now it's best to for me to take a break at least until things have settled down a little. So i guess it's goodbye for now girls (and guys?). Hopefully I'll be back in a couple weeks!



mary said...

I will miss you, really, but I understand it is for the best.

Kick ass.

Sam said...

i hate the last couple weeks. all the teachers try to cram everything they haven't done in our schedules. it is very stressful...i completely understand why you would have to take a break. good luck on finals. =]