top & leggings - f21/deena & ozzy oxfords - urban outfitters/hand-me-down scarf & earrings

Today (well, yesterday now) was probably the best out of my whole week. First of all, it was a dress down day; I hate the dress code so it was a nice break. It was held in honor to 1. get more tissues because apparently the school is running out & 2. to rile everyone up for the inter-grade basketball competition...yes, instead of pep rallies, we have dress down days. 

Anyway, the "Spring Ballin" competition was supposed to be seniors + sophomores vs. juniors + freshman, but because only a few juniors showed up it ended up being the seniors vs. everyone else. We had a 20+ point lead against the underclassmen, which was great but we got rocked by the faculty. It was pretty embarrassing but a ton of fun. It was just really nice to see how well the seniors could get along. 

Sorry the pictures aren't too fantabulous, my brother & photographer, Nigel is sick...I didn't want to have to bother him unless it was absolutely necessary. 

Also, a quick college update: I've been accepted to University of Pittsburgh, Drew University, UMass Amherst, Emory University, and Fordham University. As of right now, I'm 5 for 5 and waiting to hear back from Columbia, UPenn, and Harvard. Ugh, it's so nice to know that this long, pain-staking college journey is almost at it's end and that I have plenty of options.


yiqin; said...

I will steal your shoes :P

Chic Therapy said...

loves the shoes and scarf!!

Dee O. said...

your shoes are adorable! and congrats into getting into those 5 universities! i hope you getting into the rest of them as well :)