Expanding the Collection.

Target Combat Boots, Deena & Ozzy (Urban Outfitters) Sparkly Oxfords

New additions to my shoe collection. As of now, I've gotten seven new pairs of shoes since Christmas. Almost every single pair was bought on sale. Life is grand.


Esra Chebli (E-Chebbz) said...

you design your own clothing am I correct?..I really like this style

Charleston said...

the combat boots rock


ProperPosture said...

I am a big fan of combat boots, have you ever tried on Docs?? they are amazing.

Fashion Rehab said...

I love the one with lots of glitter. I have something similar to it, but no glitter.

Fashion Rehab

haulbrook said...


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Anonymous said...

I like! I've been meaning to add a pair of Combat boots to my collection for a while now. I had been experimenting with wearing a pair of Danner Chukka Boots I got from my Mom with some skirts and dresses, but they just can't measure up to a pair of big black combat boots.