Spring Break Mini-Haul.

 Yes, yes, I know. I'm lame and I haven't posted in a million years. In my defense, second semester senior-dom isn't as worry-free as I first presumed it would be. Yes, homework has died down quite a bit but I've had a plethora of extracurriculars to handle. Now that I'm done with most of my major activities and about to head back to school after a wonderful two weeks of spring break, expect more posts. I promise, promise, promise that I'll do my best to post regularly; let's try for 3 times a week. Sound fair?

Anyway, thought you readers would like to see some of my Spring Break finds:

 dress & jewelry - forever 21/wallet & belt - urban outfitters

 I've already started wearing the jewelry/belt and using the wallet but saving the dress for one of the end of the many end of the year ceremonies. It looks surprisingly spectacular with a pair of platform pumps...trust me, I tried it out. 

I bought another dress & a shirt as well...I don't have any decent pictures of them at the moment, but I'm likely to wear them this week so you'll all see soon.

Nine West via Marshalls

These babies are the shoes I plan to wear for Prom this year. I bought them for such an amazing deal, only $29! I've never built an outfit around shoes before but as soon as I saw them I felt it was necessary. I've already bought my dress, but I'm waiting for another to come back; the one I originally ordered was too big. 

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jenny said...

wao you are rocking i like youe collection of prom shoes ..Some nice collection is also availble on fashion blog..