Not Much to Do, Not Much to Say.

Just today's outfit, really that's all.

black tunic: target
printed headscarf: mommy
gold heart pendant: forever 21
denim cutoffs (cut them myself): hollister co
colored bauble ring: some museum
bracelets: grandparents
sunglasses: wetseal

I'm not really doing much today. Just dropping off my job application and going to Barnes & Nobles to pick up summer reading. The rest of the weekend should be much more eventful though. I have my first All State choir practice tomorrow and after that I'm going down to my friend Kim's shore house for the rest of the weekend. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, love the shades. The outfit is casual cute.

May Kasahara said...

good luck at practice and loving your bangs!

Gladys Lopez said...

cute shades! i had some vintage ray bans, but they broke over vacation. boo hoo! oh well, they were old. :/